Private Reporting

Community Resource Advisors

LMU Community Resource Advisors (CRAs) may speak with students regarding incidents of sexual and interpersonal misconduct without automatically triggering a University investigation into the matter. These individuals do have time and place reporting responsibilities under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) but are not obligated to report identifying information of the Complainant. If the Respondent's name is presented to an LMU CRA, they will be obligated to report that information to the Title IX Coordinator.

Reports by the Community Resource Advisors will not trigger a University investigation unless the Title IX Coordinator (in consultation with the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs or a designee) determines that an investigation is necessary because:

  • The Respondent has known prior allegations of sexual or interpersonal misconduct and a potential for a campus safety risk exists; or
  • The location in which the alleged incident occurred is a location where previous complaints of sexual or interpersonal misconduct occurred, creating the potential for an unsafe environment for the LMU community; or
  • A threat to the campus community at large has been identified; or
  • A frequency or pattern is detected that suggests an unsafe environment exists for the LMU community or an LMU community member; or
  • The sexual or interpersonal misconduct was perpetrated with a weapon; or
  • The Victim is a minor; or
  • Some combination of the above factors exists.

Below you will find the names and contact information for the Community Resource Advisors. 

Jason Baehr
Professor, Philosophy
Office: University Hall 3749
Phone: 310.338.4486

Jessica Bianchi
Senior Lecturer, College of Communications & Fine Arts
Phone: 310.338.4524

Sandibel Borges
Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies
Office: UHALL - 3512
Phone: 310.338.3949

Dominique Braxton
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Office: Hilton 229A
Phone: 310.338.6544

Lorianne Harrison-Reyes
Student Affairs Resources Case Manager
Phone: 310.338.1776           

Philippa Drennan
Professor, Biology
Office: Life Sciences / 215
Phone: 310.338.1983

Adrienne Walker
Community of Care Case Manager
Office: Malone 301
Phone: 310.338.3935

Henry Ward
Director, Intercultural Affairs
Office: Malone Student Center 201
Phone: 310.338.5808