How to Request Medical Records

lmu shs student health services female student approaching office desk to speak to female staff member

Loyola Marymount University students or alumni needing medical records or itemized bills from Student Health Services, please review the following frequently asked questions:

How can I get my medical records?

You must fill out a "Authorization to Release Patient Medical Information" form and present a valid photo identification (Valid Driver's License, Valid One Card, or valid Passport) if doing this in person; or provide a legible photo copy of your valid Driver's License if faxing or mailing your request.

Where can I get a "Authorization to Release Patient Medical Information" form?

You can obtain a medical release form from the Student Health Center or online: The Student Health Services is located on the first floor of the north side of the Burns Recreation, or complete the Authorization for the Release of Medical Records form.

Can I get my medical billing information by using this form?

Yes. Make sure you check the appropriate box for "medical bills for insurance reimbursement," and provide correct range of dates on the medical release form.

After I complete the form, what is the next step?

You may submit your request one of three ways as follows:

In person: Present the signed form and valid identification to Student Health Services Staff.

By mail: Mail the signed form and a legible photocopy of your valid I.D. (Driver's License, OneCard, Passport) to the following address: Attn: Medical Records, 1 LMU Drive, MS 8455. Los Angeles, CA 90045

By fax: Fax the signed form and legible photo copy of your valid I.D. to Student Health Services to: (310) 338-4417.

Does it cost anything?

Your first copy is free of charge, the second and subsequent copies are $10.00 each.

How long does it take to process?

The normal processing time takes 7 to 15 business days. If you recently had labs taken, the process time may take up to 40 days to process, due to the lab's billing cycle.