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Other Health Information Resources

Center for Disease Control: Traveler Health: This website monitors outbreaks and epidemics all around the world: this is vital information to know when planning your next weekend getaway. It features reference materials as well as information on vaccinations that will help you to have healthy and enjoyable vacation.

Discovery Health: The online, health-related branch of the Discovery Channel has a wide assortment of information, health highlights and news. Online shopping is available and the site also features a function which allows you to ask an expert about your health concerns Condition Centers and disease self-managers are some of the highlights on this website. also has drug information, health lifestyle planners and much much more. Plus the entire website is searchable, so you can type what you want to know and be directed right there.

WebMD: The searchable website features drug information, channels on health and wellness, a database to help you find a personal physician, the latest news headlines and much, much more.

Disabled Parking Forms: This site provides access forms for disabled parking.

Drug Addiction & Alcohol Abuse Help & Information Resources is a information and referral network providing information on specific drugs/ alcohol treatment options, and treatment programs throughout the United States.

LMU CARES: For information regarding what to do if you experience sexual or interpersonal misconduct and/or how to help a friend.

How to Calculate BMI: Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of appropriate body weight and is used to screen for weight related health problems.