Student Employment Learning Outcomes

four people standing close and smiling

In an effort to professionalize LMU student employment, Student Employment Services emphasizes various skills in the workplace to foster meaningful work and to help develop the next generation of LMU professionals. Students who participate in LMU student employment will be able to:

1. Exhibit exemplary Communication Skills in the workplace by:

  • Responding with tact, diplomacy, and composure when dealing with others.
  • Keeping others adequately informed.
  • Exhibiting good listening skills and paying close attention, in what others are saying, and expressing interest.
  • Conveying information in both verbal and written formats as appropriate for the needs of the target audience.

2. Display Strong Work Ethic in the workplace by:

  • Demonstrating commitment to safety in the workplace.
  • Managing time effectively, committing to work schedules, and remaining at work as needed.
  • Exceeding expectations when it comes to quality, volume of work, and meeting deadlines.
  • Understanding the value of hard work, and being an active member of a team striving for a common goal.

3. Show Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills in the workplace by:

  • Cooperating with others toward the achievement of common goals.
  • Developing rapport with others to form positive working relationships.
  • Actively contributing to and participating in team initiatives, and being a positive influence for others.
  • Consistently displaying exceptional enthusiasm in working with others and in their work.

4. Practice Initiative Skills in the workplace by:

  • Actively seeking various resources to complete a task, and providing excellent customer service.
  • Anticipating needs and demands, and taking appropriate action.
  • Preventing issues from arising by working to solve them before they escalate.
  • Being receptive to taking on additional tasks, learning new skills, and willing to take it to the next level.

5. Develop values of Accountability and Integrity by:

  • Exhibiting pride at as a member of the LMU student body.
  • Carrying out responsibilities accurately, organizing work and duties in a professional, conscientious, and timely manner.
  • Conscientiously avoiding conflicts between their private interests and their university responsibilities, with respect to the use of confidential information, financial transactions, and personal relationships.
  • Evaluating personal performance, and remaining open to constructive criticism and improvement.

6. Demonstrate Critical Thinking and Cognitive Reasoning ability by:

  • Carrying out assignments proficiently and accurately with little direction.
  • Identifying and adapting behaviors based on understood information and experiences to various situations or settings.
  • Demonstrating the ability to obtain and analyze facts, consider related impacts, and arrive at sound conclusions.
  • Functioning autonomously.

7. Demonstrate Intercultural/Diversity Skills by:

  • Working collaboratively with others, even with those different from themselves.
  • Facilitating inclusive interactions, the exchange of ideas, and forging relationships.
  • Treating others with respect, being sensitive to others' situations and circumstances, and being open to alternative viewpoints.
  • Understanding human motivation, and managing conflict with tact and diplomacy.

8. Develop Management and Leadership Skills in the workplace by:

  • Working in a complex environment, and completing tasks within regulation and compliance criterion.
  • Articulating team goals and expectations to team members, and motivating them to achieve their best.
  • Explaining big picture scenarios, and showing how responsibilities relate to the larger organization.
  • Managing crisis situations, mediating conflicts, and being open to difficult and challenging conversations.