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LMU veterans participate in a military activity.

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Loyola Marymount University has a strong and long lasting commitment to serving Military and Veteran students. Beginning in 1942, LMU sought to establish a military program on campus to aid in World War II efforts. By 1943, LMU launched the Army Student Training Program to provide advanced technical training to enlisted men. A year later, LMU remained committed to supporting our troops through the introduction of the GI Bill. During this time period, LMU witnessed a drastic increase in enrollment due to the large numbers of veterans returning home from war. In preparation of the expected increase of students, LMU expanded the campus to include two new dormitories, an enlarged dining room, additional classrooms, and a new gym to honor fallen soldiers.

In 1948, the Air Force ROTC program was established at LMU. All undergraduate students who were draft-eligible were required to join the ROTC for the first two years of their academic program. By 1951, LMU’s Air Force ROTC program enrolled over 70 students making it one of the largest programs in the Fourth Air Force area. In 1953, our AFROTC program was ranked the best unit in the nation.

As the United States faced more wars during the twentieth century, Loyola Marymount University served in various roles supporting both veterans and military families. Since 2009, LMU has been a voluntary participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program, providing tuition benefits for veteran undergraduate and graduate students. Through this program LMU has been able to provide recent veterans with the financial assistance and campus resources needed to engage with and transition into college life.

This is the LMU veteran legacy. Join the legacy by making a donation to Veteran Programs to help support student veterans at LMU.