Nutrition Consultation

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Meet one-on-one with one the FitWell Center's peer nutritionist to review your three-day food journal, complete a body composition analysis test and review your dietary goals. To set-up a consultation, follow the instructions below. Sign-ups must be done one week in advance. Be sure to fill out the Nutrition Packet and bring it to the FitWell Center prior to your session.

Cost & Appointments

The cost of an Individual Nutrition Consultation is $15.00 for a 45-60 minute appointment. Appointments are available during the academic school year only.

Schedule a Nutrition Consultation

Schedule an appointment with our Peer Nutritionist using Fusion or call the Fitwell at (310) 338-3049

  1. Email Sophia Scattaglia at to receive your Nutrition Packet, including the Questionnaire and the Food Log, and bring it to the FitWell Center prior to your consultation. The three-day food log must include two weekdays and 1 weekend day to give a more accurate representation of your diet.

Meet Your Peer Nutritionist!

Sophia Scattaglia

Sophia is a senior Health and Human Science major. Sophia is knowledgeable about weight management, specialized diets, meal plans, and grocery lists. She has helped hundreds of both students and staff learn more about modifying and improving their food intake.