csa teach-in 2022

What is the Advocacy Teach-In?

The annual LMU Advocacy Day Teach-In focuses on the various ways we can create social change beyond advocacy. The Teach-In consists of a keynote speaker and a selection of workshops led by various non-profit organizations. Each workshop focuses on a tool to create social change.

The theme for the 2022 Advocacy Teach-In was Restorative Kinship: Caring for the Collective. 

To relieve the 2020 Teach-In or 2021 Virtual Teach-In please check out these websites for information on the workshops, keynote speaker, and resources.

For any questions, contact Jenni Mendez.

A huge thank you to the Advocacy Teach-In 2022 planning committee: Rishan Ephrem '23, Paco Estrada '24, Andrew Boeckman '25, Brion Dennis '22, Alyssa Perez '15, Gabi Jeakle '23, Saúl Rascón Salazar ', and Drew Hartz '24!