Gender Inclusive Housing Process

Student Housing is moving forward with our process of providing a safe, affirming, and inclusive community living option for students of the following identities and lived experiences:

  • transgender students,
  • gender queer students,
  • non-binary students,
  • student who are currently transitioning from one gender to another,
  • students who do not identify with society's expectations of their assigned gender at birth,
  • students who do not wish to be identified by any sex or gender identity,
  • students who are in the process of discovering their gender identity,
  • and allies, students who appreciate and respect people with the above identities and lived experiences who would prefer to live in community with students who identify in these ways.

By participating in GIH, students will be able to form roommate groups and select their housing based on their individual gender identities rather than by legal sex. Students who elect GIH in their housing application may be contacted by members of the student housing team to discuss the various housing room types and styles on campus. All identity information is considered private and will only be shared with staff who can assist students in identifying what housing spaces that may be affirming of their identities.