An image of the LMU student men's lacrosse team

Contact the LMU Club Sports Office

Club Sports Director: Raamen Bass

Club Sports Athletic Trainer: Caitlyn Ratcliffe

Club Sports Office:

For information on each club team, check out the Club Sports bulletin board in the main hallway of the Burns Recreation Center or go to the Club Sport Teams page.

Note: The Assistant Director of Campus Recreation and the Club Sports staff, along with assistance from Assistant Director of Registered Student Organizations for Student Leadership & Development, oversee all sports clubs and assist with coordinating on-campus practices and games in addition to off-campus activities.

FAQs about LMU Club Sports

Who is eligible to join an LMU sport club?

Membership is open to all currently enrolled in LMU and to Loyola Law undergraduate and graduate students. Conversely, clubs are only open to currently employed LMU faculty and staff in an advisory role.

What does it cost to join a sport club?

Participation in the Club Sports program is free of charge. However, individual clubs may charge membership dues, but it varies from club to club. Depending on the club, you may also need to purchase your own jersey and equipment, among other items.

Do I need experience to participate?

Not necessarily. Many of the clubs recruit athletes of any skill level and are willing to teach newcomers their sport.

How do I start an LMU sport club?

To start a club, stop by the Club Sports office in the Burns Recreation Center or call 310.338.1718 for more information.

Do you have a ____________ club?

All clubs that are sponsored by the Department of Campus Recreation are listed on the Club Sport Teams page. If you do not see the club that you are looking for, then we do not sponsor it. However, there are several other clubs and organizations that are registered with the Department of Student Life who may not be sponsored by our department. Try looking at the Student Leadership & Development web page.

If your search is still unsuccessful, then most likely there is not a club for the activity that you are looking for. For information on how to start a club, contact the Club Sports office at 310.338.1718 or

What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramural Sports?

Club sports are led and organized by students. Team practices, meetings, competitions, budgets and fundraisers are organized, managed and led by club officers and club members. Club teams practice multiple times per week and many travel to compete against other schools' club sports teams. Intramural sports consist of LMU students that compete against each other in organized leagues and tournaments within the LMU community on a more recreational level.

What is the difference between Club Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics?

Sport clubs are student groups organized by students who are motivated by a common interest in expanding their proficiency, participation, and competition in a specific sport or recreational activity. Intercollegiate Athletics are comprised of student athletes who have been recruited by LMU to play a specific sport and may have been awarded scholarship funding. All LMU Intercollegiate Sports are listed with the NCAA as sponsored by university.