The Club Sports Program, which currently consists of twelve (12) competitive sport clubs, is brimming with intelligent, gifted, and resolute student leaders and athletes who give their all daily to help make their clubs a success. And the annual Club Sports Awards are the perfect opportunity to honor these individuals and/or clubs for their terrific accomplishments.


The 2023-2024 academic year presented some challenges for the entire Club Sports Program – like club member retention – but nonetheless our sport clubs persevered and learned valuable lessons for the future.


The following is a list of all award nominees (and winners) for the 2023-2024 (& 15th Annual) Club Sports Awards.

Lion Leadership Award

Robert Cordova
Men's Baseball Club


Brandon Alan Tanjuaquio – Men's Lacrosse

Christian Yonan – Men's Soccer

Eleni Engelbrecht – Women's Soccer

Jacques Pelletier – Men's Rugby

Jake Scott – Tennis

Rachel Bauer – Women's Volleyball

Robert Cordova – Men's Baseball

Ryan Herrera – Men's Baseball

Tyler Lieu – Men's Volleyball

Female Athlete of the Year

Judite Sampaio

Women's Basketball Club



Alexandra Chiao – Women's Volleyball

Judite Sampaio – Women's Basketball

Katelyn Boudeville – Tennis

Sarah Omachi – Tennis

Male Athlete of the Year

Matisse Hawthrone
Men’s Ice Hockey Club


Alejandro Ahuage-Arnaiz – Men's Soccer

Alexander Skenderian – Men’s Ice Hockey

Brando Savarese – Men's Lacrosse

Brian Arellano – Men's Soccer

Jake Scott – Tennis

James Prado – Men's Lacrosse

Jassem Boodai – Men's Soccer

Jeffery Lee – Men’s Ice Hockey

Lucas Siemsen – Men's Volleyball

Lucian Kronholm – Men's Lacrosse

Manuel Palmieri – Tennis

Matisse Hawthrone – Men’s Ice Hockey

Nicholas “Nick” Chabot – Men's Volleyball

Nicholas “Nick” Miller – Men's Rugby

Robert Cordova – Men's Baseball

Scott MacGillivray – Men’s Ice Hockey

Club Officer of the Year

Robert Cordova
Men's Baseball Club


Devon Tessler – Men’s Rugby

Jack Hogan – Men’s Ice Hockey

Kassandra Galvan – Women's Basketball

Luke Roshkow – Men's Baseball

Riley Watters – Men’s Ice Hockey

Robert Cordova – Men's Baseball

Skyla Correa – Women's Volleyball

Spencer Heaton – Men's Volleyball

Zachary Wakefield – Men's Baseball

Team GPA Award

Women's Soccer Club

Sport Club of the Year

Men’s Ice Hockey Club


  • Men's Baseball Club
  • Men's Ice Hockey Club
  • Men's Lacrosse Club
  • Men's Rugby Club
  • Men's Soccer Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Women's Volleyball Club