On-Campus Support

Student Heath Services

LMU's Student Health Services takes walk-ins any time Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm, on Wednesdays from 8am-7pm.

  • Location: North side of the Burns Recreation Center, first floor
  • Phone: (310) 338-2881

Visit Student Health Services.

Student Psychological Services

LMU's Student Psychological Services also offers free and confidential counseling to students who have experienced sexual and interpersonal misconduct.

  • Location: North side of the Burns Recreation Center, second floor
  • Phone: (310) 338-2868

Visit Student Psychological Services.

Disability Support Services

LMU's Disability Support Services works with all members of the LMU community to ensure that accommodations are provided to students who have established a disability that limits them in a major life activity.

  • Location: Daum Hall
  • Phone: (310) 338-2881

Visit Disability Support Services.