For Parents & Families

LMU students and family walking from the Sacred Heart Chapel

Parents and guardians are often challenged with their student's transitioning issues. For helpful information available at Loyola Marymount University, visit First Year Experience or read our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my son or daughter access counseling services?

Please refer to our Services for Students section for more information.

How does my son or daughter who is under 18 access counseling services?

California law allows a student who is under the age of consent (i.e., under 18) to participate in therapy provided the student has sufficient maturity and intelligence to engage in therapy. Often, however, the therapist will request written consent from student's parent or guardian to obtain treatment.

Am I able to verify that my son or daughter is receiving counseling, or to request information about their counseling sessions?

We can neither confirm nor deny counseling attendance or discuss progress in therapy without a written consent provided by your son or daughter authorizing us to release information. It has been our experience that students vary in their request for parental involvement; we often find that students appreciate parental concern, guidance and acceptance of their particular request for privacy or involvement.

What if I have questions about services or concerns about my son or daughter?

SPS staff are happy to consult with parents regarding general concerns and provide LMU resources and or community-provider information as appropriate.

Does your center provide referrals to other off-campus service providers?

Yes. SPS maintains a list of community providers that is available to students upon request or at times when a student has treatment needs that exceed the resources of this center. Parents should consider using providers on their insurance plan.

How long may my son or daughter receive services from SPS?

The typical number of sessions varies. However, students, on average attend six sessions.

Who is eligible to see the SPS consulting psychiatrist?

SPS contracts with a psychiatrist to provide brief psychiatric treatment. Students must already be in-therapy with an SPS therapist. Psychiatric consultations are intended for treatment collaboration and psychotropic medication. Once treatment is completed, student is referred to an off-campus psychiatrist. Psychiatric services are not for on-going medication management or refills.