Wellness Groups and Workshops

Fall 2019 Wellness Groups and Workshops

SPS offers a wide range of skills-based workshops and discussion groups to help you reach your wellness goals and connect with other students.

**Registration required for all groups/workshops except The Circle**

To register, please call SPS at 310-338-2868

  • Body Beautiful

    Woman facing a mirror

    For women only / begins Wed, Sep 25th @ 3-4pm / runs 6 wks 

    - Explore sources of negative body image through discussions and interactive activities

    - Find ways to break the body shame cycle and build a healthier relationship with your body

  • The Circle: An LGBT+ Discussion Group

    Rainbow outline of a head-shot profile view

    Begins Thu, Oct 3rd @ 3pm-4pm / runs 8 wks / drop-ins welcome

    -A safe discussion space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students/allies

    -Offers support and celebration of diversity. Please e-mail TheCircle@lmu.edu for more info

  • Getting What You Want: Essentials of Interpersonal Effectiveness

    Two hands, holding by pinkies

    Begins Thu, Sep 26th @ 1-2pm / runs 3 wks / repeats Thu, Oct 24th

    -Learn how to get your needs met in social relationships

    -Develop assertiveness and interpersonal problem-solving skills

  • Grief & Loss Support Group

    Clouds in the sky in the shape of a heart with the sun beaming behind

    Begins Mon, Sep 30th @ 4pm-5pm / runs 8 wks

    -Learn about the stages of grief and other useful tools for coping with bereavement

    -Experience comfort and support from other young adults who are also grieving a significant loss

  • Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

     Outline of a brain with various words connected to Anxiety

    Begins Thu, Sep 19th @ 4pm-5pm / runs 5 wks / repeats Thu, Oct 24th

    -Learn how to improve your ability to manage stress, excessive worry, and general feelings of anxiety

    -Enhance your understanding of your anxiety/stress and develop coping and self-care practices

  • Ride the Wave: Skills to Manage and Reduce Emotional Distress

    Ride the Wave words with a drawn wave

    Begins Tue, Sep 10th @ 4:30pm-5:30pm / runs 6 wks / repeats Tue, Oct 22nd

    -Develop skills to more effectively handling challenging emotions

    -Increase self-acceptance and learn to treat yourself with kindness and compassion

  • Sisters Chat: Black Women Connect!

    Cartoon woman with colorful, positive words around her

    Begins Mon Sep 23rd @ 3pm-4pm / runs biweekly / drops in welcome

    -For African American women to share and discuss personal development and empowerment in a safe space

    -Examine the importance of self-reflection in building positive self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Social Anxiety & Social Skills Group

    Silhouette of people standing around talking


    Begins Mon, Sep 23rd @ 11am-12pm / runs 8 wks

    -Develop the skills to gain confidence and manage your anxiety in social settings

    -Learn effective ways to communicate and connect with others in various social situations

  • Thriving with Depression

    Person holding a book in front of their face that has a sad face drawn on it

    Begins Wed, Sep 18th @ 4:30pm-5:30pm / runs 5 wks / repeats Wed, Oct 23rd

    -Practice new ways of thinking and different daily activities to improve and lift your mood

    -Learn practical strategies, tips, and tools to create a more vital and meaningful life

  • Yoga Unwind

    Multiple yoga poses

    Begins Mon, Sep 16th @ 12pm / runs 5 wks / repeats Mon, Oct 21st @ 5:30pm

    -Learn how to calm your body and brain, increase focus, and improve sleep through yoga and meditation

    -Come for the chill-out and leave with stress relief tools you can carry with you everywhere