Wellness Groups and Workshops

Virtual Wellness Workshops & Groups

Student Psychological Services (SPS) offers a variety of Virtual Wellness Workshops & Groups! See below for descriptions of each Workshop and Group and sign up today!

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  • Body Beautiful 2021

    Begins Thurs, September 23, 4-5pm / run 8 wks

    -Explore sources of negative body image through discussions and interactive activities.

    -Find ways to break the body shame cycle and build a healthier relationship with your body.

  • You are not alone

    Begins Tues, September 21, 4-5pm / run 8 wks

    -Learn strategies for activating and improving your mood.

    -Receive and provide support to fellow students going through similar struggles.

  • Clouds in the sky in the shape of a heart with the sun beaming behind

    Begins Wed, September 22, 4-5pm / run 8 wks

    -Learn about the stages of grief and other useful tools for coping with bereavement.

    -Experience comfort and support from other young adults who are also grieving a significant loss.

  • Lion and anxious person

    Begins Wed, September 22, 5-6pm / run 8 wks

    -A safe and supportive space to learn new tools and coping skills to decrease anxiety and social anxiety.

    -Learn to feel more equipped to face new situations and experiences.

  • Circle 2021

    Begins Thurs, September 23, 3-4pm / run 10 wks

    -A safe discussion space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students/allies.

    -Offers support and celebration of diversity.

    Please email TheCircle@lmu.edu for more info.

  • Begins Mon, September 20, 3-4pm / run 10 wks

    -A safe space to explore men's issues by unpacking identity and culture.

    -Define toxic and positive masculinity, and discuss how to be in health relationships with others.

  • Begins Wed, September 22, 6-7pm / run 10 wks

    -A space for partners, siblings, and friends with mental health conditions.

    -Explore and connect on the impacts of mental health conditions on relationships.

  • Rainbow background

    Begins Wed, September 22, 3-4pm / run 10 wks

    -A communal space for busy graduate students also navigating being a sexual and/or gender minority

    -Explore ways to build resilience amidst school, work, family, dating, politics, or other stressors

  • Student sitting on floor

    Begins Thurs, September 30, 2-3pm / run 10 wks

    -Meet other sophomores going through similar adjustments and experience after an entirely virtual first year.

    -Gain social support around navigating college amidst the challenges of COVID-19.

  • First to Go est. 2010

    Begins Mon, September 20, 3-4pm / run 8 wks

    -A support group for anyone identifying as a first generation college student (or First To Go).

    - Discuss family conflicts, emotional health, identity, and finding your place in college.

  • Women of Color

    Begins Mon, September 20, 3-4pm / run 10 wks

    -A supporting space for BIPOC women to discuss the complexities of gender, race, culture, and intersectionality.

    -Share experiences with stress, coping, and resiliency, and gain tools for collective self-care and healing.

  • Pen and Paper

    Session I: Thursdays, September 23 & September 30 at 11am

    Session II: Thursdays, October 14 & October 21 at 11am

    -Identify personal factors that will improve your academic motivation.

    -Learn helpful tips and strategies that you can apply throughout your education experience.

  • Session I: Friday, September 24th at at 10am

    Session II: Wednesday, October 6th at 2pm

    -An open discussion to explore health communication styles and strategies around setting healthy boundaries.

    -Explore the process of recognizing and implementing healthy boundaries.

  • Fingers with smiley faces drawn on them

    Session I: Friday, September 17 at 10am

    Session II: Tuesday, September 21 at 5pm

    Session III: Wednesday, September 29 at 2pm

    -Gain a better understanding of your friendship landscape and what may be missing in your social life.

    -Beat isolation, improve your social skills, and learn how to connect with other during this COVID era.

  • Navigating Conversationg About Mental Health Within Families and Cultures

    Session I: Friday, October 8 at 10am

    Session II: Wednesday, October 20 at 2pm

    -A safe space to learn and discuss effective methods of communication regarding difficult conversations.

    -Learn how to reach for help and have helpful dialogue about mental health in a culturally attuned manner.

  • Self-Care Workshop

    Session I: Friday, October 15 at 10am

    -Learn about ways to incorporate self-care into your regular routine.

    -Discover tips to alleviate stress, maintain work-life balance, and prevent burnout.

  • Grad Self-Care

    Session I: Tuesday, October 5 at 5pm

    -Learn about ways to incorporate self-care into your regular routine as a grad student.

    -Discover tips to alleviate stress, maintain work-life balance, and prevent burnout in grad school.

  • Somatics 2021

    Session I: Friday, October 1 at 10am

    Session II: Wednesday, October 13 at 2pm

    Session III: Tuesday, October 19 at 5pm

    -Learn about your body's natural survival responses to manage stress and trauma.

    -Come away with practices to listen to your body with more compassion and feel more present/grounded.