Wellness Groups and Workshops

  • Tool Box of various tools

    Begins Wed Feb 3rd @ 4pm-5pm / runs 6 wk

    -A space for all students looking to understand, cope with, and grow through their experiences with anxiety

    -Join the group to learn how to take the power back from your anxious mind


  • BeYOUtiul Group

    Begins Thu, Feb 4th, 3-4pm / runs 8 wks

    -For anyone struggling with a complicated relationship with their body, food, and/or exercise

    -Connect with others going through similar challenges and gain tools to own the space we take up in this world


  • Heart Clouds in the Sky

    Begins Wed, Feb 10th @ 4pm-5pm / runs 8 weeks

    -Learn about the stages of grief and other useful tools for coping with bereavement

    -Experience comfort and support from other young adults who are also grieving a significant loss


  • Rainbow

    Begins Mon, Feb 8th 3:30-4:30pm / runs 10 wks

    -A communal group for students to connect and explore ways to integrate one’s gender and/or sexual identities

    -Offers support and celebration of diversity

    *Please email TheCircle@lmu.edu for more info*

  • People on a Zoom Video Call

    Begins Wed, Jan 29th, 3-4:30pm / runs 8 weeks

    - A discussion group to process general highlights and challenges during this period of uncertainty

    - Share and discuss tricks, tips, and life hacks for sleep, diet, and exercise that are effective

    - Decrease isolation and find the "silver linings" and opportunities in crisis

  • First to Go est. 2010

    Begins Mon, Jan 25th, 5:30pm-7pm / runs 8 wks

    -A support group for anyone identifying as a first generation college student (or First to Go)

    -Discuss family conflicts, emotional health, identity, and finding your place in college


    **Note: At LMU, all students whose parent(s) or care-giver(s) who have not completed a bachelor's degree in the United States are referred to as firstgeneration college students.

  • Student sitting on floor

    Begins Thu, Feb 4th, 1-2pm/ runs 10 wks

    -Meet other first year students at LMU going through similar adjustments and experiences

    -Gain social support around transitioning to college in a virtual environment

  • Hands Holding Up Hands

    Begins Wed, Feb 10th, 5-6pm / runs 8 wks

    -This group offers a safe space for graduate students to discuss their experiences and journeys in graduate school

    -Explore stressors associated with balancing school, work, and other life challenges and receive support from peers

  • Rainbow background

    Begins Tues, Mar 9th, 4-5pm / runs 10 wks

    -A communal space for busy graduate students also navigating being a sexual and/or gender minority

    -Explore ways to build resilience amidst school, work, family, dating, politics, or other stressors

  • Cartoon woman with colorful, positive words around her

    Begins Wed, Feb 10th, 5-6pm / runs bi-weekly

    -For African American women to share and discuss personal development and empowerment in a safe space

    -Examine the importance of self-reflection in building positive self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Cap from Graduation

    Session I: Tuesday, Feb 2nd, 6pm-7pm
    Session II: Friday, Feb 19th, 11am-12pm
    Session III: Tuesday, Mar 2nd, 4pm-5pm

    -A workshop for undergraduate and graduate seniors preparing for Spring 2021 graduation
    -How to manage fears, worries, grief and the joy of this important milestone in your life

  • Fingers with smiley faces drawn on them

    Session I: Friday, Jan 29th, 11am-12pm
    Session II: Thursday, Feb 11th, 4pm-5pm

    -Gain a better understanding of your friendship landscape and what may be missing in your social life
    -Beat isolation, improve your social skills, and learn how to connect with others even during COVID

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

    Session I: Tuesday, Feb 2nd, 4-5pm
    Session II: Wednesday, Feb 17th, 6-7pm

    -Increase understanding of healthy boundaries and their role in self and communal care
    -Learn how to identify, navigate challenges with, and begin to set your boundaries

  • Silhouette one person pulling up another on a mountain

    Session I: Wednesday, Feb 3rd, 6-7pm
    Session II: Tuesday, Feb 16th, 4-5pm

    -Struggling to stay academically motivated in this remote learning environment? Come join the conversation about how to stay on track and learn new skills to keep moving forward to be successful this semester

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    Sessions I: Wednesday, Jan 27th from 6-7pm
    Session II: Tuesday, Feb 9th from 4-5pm

    -Learn to understand, cope with, and gain support around the difficulties associated with striving for perfection

    -Gain tips on how to normalize the reality that we are all perfectly imperfect.

  • Breathe in colorful letters

    Session I: Friday, Feb 5th, 11am-12pm
    Session II: Thursday, Feb 18th, 4-5pm

    -Gain basic skills for how to feel and experience big emotions in a healthy way
    -Learn ways to manage and regulate emotions and feel better equipped to handle difficult situations

  • Starry Background

    Sessions I: Tuesday, Jan 26th, 4-5pm
    Sessions II: Wednesday, Feb 10th, 6-7pm

    -Increase understanding of different mechanisms that impact sleep and how to implement sleep hygiene

    -Gain insight on how to manage and optimize time to enhance productivity with distanced learning

  • Connecting to Our Body's Wisdom

    Session I: Friday, Feb 12th, 11am-12pm
    Session II: Wednesday, Feb 23rd, 6-7pm

    -Learn about our body as a domain of: feeling, action, learning, coordination, connection, dignity

    -Come away with three body-based practices to reconnect and build resilience

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