• Hands

    Begins Wed, Sep 23rd @ 3pm-4:30pm / runs 10 wks

    -A safe space for Asian American and Pacific Islander women (trans/gnc inclusive) to discuss common life stressors

    -Explore how race, gender, and culture impacts our lives and gain tools for collective self-care and healing

  • Rainbow

    Begins Thu, Oct 1st, 2-3pm / runs 10 wks

    -A communal group for students to connect and explore ways to integrate one’s gender and/or sexual identities

    -Offers support and celebration of diversity

    *Please email TheCircle@lmu.edu for more info*

  • BeYOUtiul Group

    Begins Thu, Sep 24th, 4-5pm / runs 8 wks

    -For anyone struggling with a complicated relationship with their body, food, and/or exercise

    -Connect with others going through similar challenges and gain tools to own the space we take up in this world


  • People on a Zoom Video Call

    Session I: Thursdays 3-4:30pm

    - A discussion group to process general highlights and challenges during this period of uncertainty

    - Share and discuss tricks, tips, and life hacks for sleep, diet, and exercise that are effective

    - Decrease isolation and find the "silver linings" and opportunities in crisis

  • Student sitting on floor

    Begins Thu, Sep 24th, 1-2pm/ runs 10 wks

    -Meet other first year students at LMU going through similar adjustments and experiences

    -Gain social support around transitioning to college in a virtual environment

  • Hands Holding Up Hands

    Begins Wed, Sep 23rd, 4pm-5pm / runs 8 wks

    -This group offers a safe space for graduate students to discuss their experiences and journeys in graduate school

    -Explore stressors associated with balancing school, work, and other life challenges and receive support from peers

  • Rainbow background

    Begins Mon, Sep 21st, 4-5pm / runs 10 wks

    -A communal space for busy graduate students also navigating being a sexual and/or gender minority

    -Explore ways to build resilience amidst school, work, family, dating, politics, or other stressors

  • Prosperando Juntos

    Begins Tues, Sept 29th 6-7pm / runs 10 weeks / Preview Required

    -For Latinx and Afro-Latinx identifying students to dialogue about our relationship to mental health

    -To explore individual and collective models of care and healing through a decolonizing framework

  • Cartoon woman with colorful, positive words around her

    Begins Wed, Sept 23rd, 5-6pm

    -For African American women to share and discuss personal development and empowerment in a safe space

    -Examine the importance of self-reflection in building positive self-esteem and self-confidence

  • First to Go est. 2010

    Begins Mon, Sep 21st @ 5:30pm-7pm / runs 8 wks

    -A support group for anyone identifying as a first generation college student (or First to Go)

    -Discuss family conflicts, emotional health, identity, and finding your place in college


    **Note: At LMU, all students whose parent(s) or care-giver(s) who have not completed a bachelor's degree in the United States are referred to as firstgeneration college students.

  • Breathe in colorful letters

    Session I: Monday Oct 5th from 3pm-4pm
    Session II: Wednesday Oct 21st from 6pm-7pm

    -Understand the basics of anxiety and how to manage it

    -Learn how to incorporate self-care, relaxation and mindfulness techniques into your routine

  • Boxing Gloves hanging

    Session I: Friday Oct 10th from 9-10am
    Session II: Tuesday Oct 20th from 4-5pm

    -Improve healthy communication and conflict resolution skills in your romantic relationships

    -By the end of the workshop you will gain concrete tools and learn the warning signs of a toxic relationship

  • Starry Background

    Sessions I: Monday Sep 21st from 3-4pm
    Sessions II: Wednesday Oct 7th from 6-7pm

    -Increase understanding of different mechanisms that impact sleep and how to implement sleep hygiene

    -Gain insight on how to manage and optimize time to enhance productivity with distanced learning

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    Sessions I: Wednesday Sep 30th from 6-7pm
    Session II: Monday Oct 12th from 3-4pm

    -Learn to understand, cope with, and gain support around the difficulties associated with striving for perfection

    -Gain tips on how to normalize the reality that we are all perfectly imperfect.

  • Drawing of a boy

    Session I: Wednesday, Oct 14th from 5-7pm
    Session II: Wednesday, Oct 21st from 5pm-7pm

    -Learn about our body as a domain of: feeling, action, learning, coordination, connection, dignity

    -Come away with three body-based practices to reconnect and build resilience

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