LMU has developed criteria for the recognition of Greek-lettered organizations. The relationship between these recognized organizations and the University is based on trust, collaboration, cooperation and the resulting mutual benefits to the University and the Sorority and Fraternity community.

Greek-lettered organizations foster participation in the cultural, academic, social, service, philanthropic and spiritual life of LMU. The individual and group performance of members of Greek-lettered organizations should always uphold those values stated in the chapters' constitutions and/or by-laws. By virtue of the University's recognition of each organization's stated principles and ideals, the University expects the Greek-lettered organizations to implement their goals in a manner that is compatible with the goals and mission of the LMU Community.

Therefore, the University will hold each organization to the standards and policies set forth by their national organizations in areas including, but not limited to, academics, programming, risk management, new member and member education, service and values congruence.


Organizational Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Responsibility utilizes Conduct Officers or the Sorority & Fraternity Life Hearing Board to adjudicate potential violations of the Student Conduct Code by student organizations using the processes outlined in the Student Conduct Code. Sanctions for organizational misconduct found through the conduct process may include revocation or denial of recognition, as well as other appropriate sanctions, pursuant to Section IV of the Student Conduct Code.

Note: Cases that are seen by the Sorority & Fraternity Life Hearing Board are noted on the current chapter status section of this webpage.

Interim Responsive Measures

Student Leadership & Development and/or Sorority & Fraternity Life may institute interim responsive measures upon the discovery or reporting of an alleged violation, self-reporting of a violation, or the discovery of climate and culture issues within a chapter. Interim responsive measures may be imposed until compliance with applicable provisions is achieved and/or the resulting effects are appropriately mitigated. Interim responsive measures may include, but are not limited to: Suspension of or modifications to chapter programs and activities; Suspension of or modifications to new member recruitment; Other corrective actions including, but not limited to, participation in educational programs, conducting a membership review, attending required administrative meetings, providing requested information and completing required reports.

Good Standing

Chapter is in compliance with all policies required via the LMU Community Standards

Active Chapter

Chapter is recognized by the university and meets the council requirement for minimum number of members

Dormant Chapter

Chapter is recognized by the university but has no current undergraduate membership

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