SFTV: Collaboration in Media

This community will help students build bonds with their peers across SFTV and develop skills to become thoughtful, conscientious, and ethical collaborators. The program stresses the importance of inclusive collaboration and the value of learning from a wide variety of creative and academic perspectives. Students will foster relationships with fellow film lovers, creators, and thinkers that lead to successful collaborations on projects during their time at LMU, and even beyond college.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Quickly meet classmates who are studying the full range of majors and disciplines at SFTV
  • Enjoy on- and off-campus activities arranged by co-directors, such as museum visits, and screenings
  • Interact closely with the community’s co-directors, who are SFTV faculty members
  • Engage in creative and academic activities to improve their collaboration skills.
  • Learn about the importance of equity and inclusion in creative and academic collaborations.

Structure of the Program:

  • Community members will take two courses together with fellow members during the freshman year.
  • In the fall, students will take their First Year Seminar (FFYS 1000: Body Genres), and attend weekly meetings with the program directors where they will complete activities designed to foster community and build their collaborative skills.
  • In the spring, students will take a 1-unit workshop on collaboration, where they will engage in creative and academic activities that put their collaboration skills to the test.

The SFTV Living Learning Community seeks students who are motivated to learn from their peers, excited to critically examine the diversity of film and media content and production, and challenge themselves to improve their communication and collaboration skills.

Spots in SFTV’s living-learning community are available by application only. Check LMU's Housing website for more information. Students with diverse and historically underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply.