Apply for Housing

lmu prospective students apply for housing

First-Year & Transfer Students

All newly admitted first-year students and transfer students are welcome to apply for on-campus housing once you have officially committed to attend Loyola Marymount University.

Application Timeline 

  • To apply for housing you must complete all sections of the housing application via the Student Housing Portal including submitting your non-refundable housing deposit. Please note that the guarantee deadline will be announced in spring 2024.

  • To apply for housing you must complete all sections of the housing application via the Student Housing Portal including submitting your non-refundable housing deposit.

    Please note spring housing is not guaranteed and is first come first serve. The spring 2025 housing application will open in Fall 2024, with a priority deadline will be announced at a later date, though the application remains open until the end of the semester. Students who apply by the priority deadline will receive notification of their assignment or an update on their application status by mid-December. 

How To Apply for LMU Housing

To apply for housing you must complete all sections of the housing application via the Student Housing Portal including submitting your non-refundable housing deposit. 

To access the Student Housing Portal, click here or log in to MyLMU and select Student Housing Portal under the Campus Life Menu. It may take 3-5 business days for the portal and the application to be available to you once you commit to LMU.

 Helpful Notes:

  • Plan to spend at least 20-30 minutes completing the application
  • Adhere to any e-mails that indicate your application is incomplete.

To best prepare yourself to complete the application process, please review the information below.

  • Personal, Medical, and Profile Information 

    Here you will provide personal contact details, medical information, and emergency contact information. You will also you be given the opportunity to answer questions about your personal living preferences to assist with the roommate matching process.

  • Meal Plans

    Dining Services offers five pre-paid, non-refundable meal plans. Each plan contains LION Dollars, which are declining balance accounts. Conveniently accessed with your OneCard, your plan can be used to purchase food for yourself, friends and guests in one of our many outstanding campus dining venues. Meal plans will be active through the end of the academic year.

    All students living on campus are required to purchase one of the five plans. Students in apartments are required to have at minimum, the "A-Plan", but may purchase any of the plans through the online application. Students in residence halls (including suite style buildings) are required to have at minimum the "N-Plan". 

    Please Note: The "A-Meal Plan" is only available to students living in an apartment.

    All LION plans are credited to the student’s OneCard in semester increments. The balances of each LION Dollars will carry forward from fall to spring semesters, but will expire at the end of Spring semester. Students have the option to downgrade their meal plan only during the third week of fall semester.


  • Renters Insurance

    As noted in your housing contract, Loyola Marymount University does not assume any financial responsibility for the personal property of students. All students are expected to obtain renters insurance before move-in. Loyola Marymount University has partnered with GradGuard™ Renters Insurance which offers a College Renters Insurance Plan that is specifically designed for students. 

    Tide Cleaners

    The Loyola Marymount University Student Housing Office has partnered with Tide Cleaners to offer you laundry service. Students bring dirty laundry to attended service trucks parked conveniently outside of residence halls. Tide Cleaners separates by color, then washes, dries, and folds your clothes into a tidy package for return to campus two days later. Service runs from August-May. To learn more please visit the Tide Cleaners website 

    Please Note: All students have access to self-service laundry rooms on campus. Tide Cleaners is an optional service. 

  • New Transfer & All Continuing Students

    You must rank your room type preferences in order of interest. You may wish to review the room descriptions in the Living Options section of our website before entering your preferences. You can update your preferences up until room assignments are made.

    First Year Students 

    You must rank your eight building preferences in order of interest. You may wish to review the building descriptions in the Living Options for Prospective Students section of our website before entering your preferences. You can update your preferences up until room assignments are made.

    Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)

    The LMU Student Housing Office is moving forward with our process of providing a safe, affirming, and inclusive community living option for students of the following identities and lived experiences:

    • transgender students,
    • gender queer students,
    • non-binary students,
    • student who are currently transitioning from one gender to another,
    • students who do not identify with society's expectations of their assigned gender at birth,
    • students who do not wish to be identified by any sex or gender identity,
    • students who are in the process of discovering their gender identity,
    • and allies, students who appreciate and respect people with the above identities and lived experiences who would prefer to live in community with students who identify in these ways.

    By participating in GIH, students will be able to form roommate groups and select their housing based on their individual gender identities rather than by legal sex. Students who elect GIH in their housing application may be contacted by members of the student housing team to discuss the various housing room types and styles on campus. All identity information is considered private and will only be shared with staff who can assist students in identifying what housing spaces that may be affirming of their identities.

  • Roommate Process

    Find your roommate and meet other residents through the Roommate Finder tool. You can use this tool to search for and match with other students who have similar answers to the profile questions in the housing application. If you don’t have a specific roommate in mind and don’t get a chance to match with anyone, we'll pair you with someone based on your answers to the profile questions in the application.

    The housing application allows students to create groups of potential roommates. You will be able to start sending and accepting roommate requests using your roommate pairing number. All students are required to be part of a roommate group. A roommate group may consist of one or two students. Roommate requests must be mutual, and the housing preferences for each roommate must be the same. Please note that roommate requests are not guaranteed.


  • License Agreement 

    The license agreement is a legally binding document that covers the terms and conditions of living in student housing at LMU.

    It is binding for the entire academic year and must be electronically signed on the application by the student and the guardian if the student is under 18 years of age. Read the license agreement in its entirety and save a copy for your records. Electronically sign your acceptance of the license agreement before submitting the application.

    Housing Deposit

    You cannot submit your housing application until you have paid the $450 non-refundable housing deposit. The deposit is applied to your fall housing charges, but is forfeited should you cancel your application for any reason.

Additional Information

Living Learning Communities (LLC)

These guided communities focus on experience learning and support discovery beyond the classroom. LLCs offer a unique experience that allows you to connect with other students who share the same goals and ambitions. Applications for LLCs will be available in the housing application when available, for eligibility requirements and more information click herePlease note LLC applications are only available when applying for Academic Year housing. Spring applicants should contact a program directly if they are interested in being a part of the community.

Overflow Housing

During the first few weeks of the semester, the demand for student housing often exceeds our available capacity. When these circumstances arise, we utilize overflow housing options that we create by converting double rooms into triples and by assigning students to converted study rooms and lounges. Residents placed in overflow housing assignments will receive a 20 percent pro-rated discount on their housing for each day that they reside in an overflow room.

Disability Support Services

DSS determines which requests will be accepted and communicates this information to the Student Housing Office. If you’re approved for a housing accommodation through DSS, the Student Housing Office cannot guarantee that the approved accommodation will be provided due to space limitations. However, we will do our best to meet the needs of all DSS students. If you require any special housing accommodations because of a disability or chronic physical condition, contact Disability Support Services (DSS) at (310) 338-4216.