Faculty-Student Engagement

lmu housing faculty student engagement

Recognizing that frequent faculty-student interactions are vital to a dynamic intellectual environment, Residence Life seeks to provide students with opportunities for informal student-faculty engagement outside of the classroom setting. Increased connection between Loyola Marymount University faculty and students in meaningful informal interaction leads students to more effective decision-making, a deepening love of learning and an overall more satisfactory college experience.

To this end, Residence Life sponsors two opportunities for student-faculty interaction, the Faculty in Residence and Faculty Fellows programs. Faculty members involved in residence halls:

  • contribute to the development of a residential community,
  • expand and vary student and faculty interaction,
  • and provide students with an academic role model.

Faculty in Residence

The Faculty in Residence program maximizes the interaction between LMU faculty and students outside of the classroom by having the faculty member live in community with the residents. Student life is enhanced by the collaboration of residence life staff and Faculty in Residence to incorporate academic life into the campus housing experience.

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Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows interact with LMU students in a specific residence hall but do not live on campus. The Faculty Fellows work closely with the residence life staff to promote academic excellence by providing students with opportunities outside of the classroom for intellectual growth and social learning experiences.

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