Re-Apply for Housing

LMU is excited to continue campus housing for the 2022-2023 academic year as permitted by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and University guidelines.

The Housing selection process provides all continuing LMU students with the opportunity to apply for on-campus housing for their sophomore, junior, or senior year. The 2022-2023 Continuing Student Housing Application is open from February 3rd - February 24th, 2022. First Year and Incoming students will have the chance to apply for Housing in early April. 

Housing Selection: Important Dates:

  • Application opens: February 3, 2022
  • Housing Application & Selection Info Night: (View Zoom recording here).
  • First-Year students - Find a Roommate Event: February 8, 2022 (Founder's Pavillion)
  • Sophomore (Rising Junior & Senior) students - Find a Roommate Event: February 18, 2022 (Palm South courtyard)
  • Wellness Wednesday (activities, giveaways and more!) - February 9, 16, & 23
  • Timeslot Notification: March 10, 2022
    • Room Selection - LMU BLUE (Sophomores): March 15 - 18, 2022
    • Room Selection - LMU CRIMSON (Jr/Sr): March 22 - 25, 2022

Students must form their roommate groups, Pay the housing deposit and complete the application before the deadline in order to participate in the Housing process. If students miss any of the deadlines for the Housing Selection Process, they will have the opportunity to apply in early April.

2022-2023 Continuing Student Housing Selection:

Visit the sections below to review details and learn more about the Spring Housing Selection process:

Step 1: Understanding Housing Selection

  • Before you start
  • Completing the application
  • Classifications
  • Timeslots & Room Selection

Step 2: Selecting Your Roommate(s)

  • Roommate group sizes
  • Create a roommate group
  • Choose a Group Leader
  • Finding a roommate

Step 3: Select Your Room

  • Receiving Your Timeslot
  • Select your building and room
  • Living options
  • Singles and Special Rooms
  • Housing rates
  • Living Learning Community & Theme Housing

Step 4: Additional Details

  • Disability Support Accommodations (DSS)
  • Study Abroad
  • Transfer Student
  • All Gender Housing
  • Winter Housing

Additional Resources:

2022-2023 Housing Application FAQs:

  • Please visit the Housing Portal to access the 2022-2023 Housing Application. MyLMU > “Campus Life” > “Student Online Housing Services” > Housing portal > On-campus application. The application will open on February 3rd at 8am and close on February 24th. 


  • The Housing Application is open to current undergraduate students with an active term. Students taking a Spring 2022 gap semester may apply for LMU Housing in April when the application re-opens.  

  • No. The application is NOT "first-come, first-serve" OR assigned based on the completion date. Students with completed applications by the deadline will be able to select their room based on the timeslot randomly assigned to them.  


  • What is new about the Housing Process this year?

    • Housing has made several adjustments to the process to ensure a student-centered experience for students applying for LMU  Housing. We are thrilled to offer a Housing experience designed for our students

    A summary of some changes:

      • Students will be able to apply for Living Learning Communities directly in the Housing application.
      • Students can form roommate groups. These groups can be formed of 1,2,4 or 5 students.
        • Students can now search for a roommate within the housing application. This feature is located on the roommate group page of the housing application on the Housing Portal.
      • Students will be able to select any available room for themselves and their roommate group.
      • LMU undergraduate students who are rising Seniors can apply for the "Homestretch" community. This community will be reserved exclusively for Seniors and will offer "Bluff view" apartments in Leavey 5.
      • Students who lived in Doheny hall during the 2019-2020 academic year will be guaranteed on campus housing.
  • Per LMU's normal policy, rising sophomores receive priority for on-campus housing in the event there are more rising sophomore applications than designated sophomore housing spaces. On-Campus housing typically reserves buildings for Sophomore students and reserves buildings for Jr/Sr students so the selection of rooms they choose from are different. Additionally, students who lived in Doheny hall for the 2020-2021 academic year will also receive priority for on-campus housing. 

  • Continuing students can choose "one," "two," "four," or "five." A roommate group of "one" allows you to select from available single rooms or a space with an unknown roommate.

  •  Students who would like to live in a single must select a roommate group of "one" and choose from the rooms available, beginning at their timeslot. If a student has been approved for a single-room accommodation, Housing will reach out to them before room selection begins and manually assign the student.

  • LMU Crimson students who would like to live in a 5-person apt., 6-person apt. or other special room can select these rooms, if available, during room selection beginning at their timeslot. Students may form a roommate group of 6 but will need to make changes to the group if no 6-person units are available. We recommend roommate groups discuss a backup plan or form roommate groups that add up to the desired number (e.g. three groups of "two", etc.)  ahead of time in case the 6-person options are not available. See our Roommate Group webpage for more details.

  • Housing recognizes the experience of students in Doheny hall during the construction months (2019 - 2020 academic year). Students living in Doheny during that year will be guaranteed housing on campus. You do not need to notify Housing as each student who did live in Doheny for the 2019-2020 academic year is already noted.

  • Students will receive a confirmation once they select their room. They will receive another confirmation once the entire selection process has been completed.

  • Students can defer their Housing deposit if they are receiving scholarships that cover the cost. The Deposit Deferment Request is located on the right side of the Housing Portal homepage. After the app has been started, students can submit this form for approval. 

  • Feb. 24th is the last day to make application edits. However, students will be able to make changes to their roommate groups once selection begins.

  • Housing options for LMU Blue (Rising Sophomores) and LMU Crimson (Jr/Srs are available) here. The 21-22 academic year had some housing option exceptions due to both sophomores and FY students being prioritized for housing. 

  • Disability Support Services accommodation approvals for the 22-23 academic year will be provided by the DSS office prior to each student receiving timeslots (March 10). The Housing Office will reach out to each student approved in order to confirm if they would like to utilize their accommodation for the upcoming academic year or remain with their roommate group (if applicable). If you are interested in receiving a DSS accommodation, please contact their office for assistance at

  • Room Selection requires that a student select an available unit in a particular building. For example: students in groups of four can select two rooms in the same apartment or two rooms in the same suite but the group of four needs to select the same unit. If there is no availability for the same unit, they will need to edit their roommate group according to the available preferred options. Please note: that anyone in a roommate group may select a unit at their timeslot. They will also be required to assign every member in their roommate group to complete the process.

  • Students can apply to an LLC and form a roommate group before the application deadline. When the application closes, students will need to either confirm the LLC admission (if they've been admitted) or decline and proceed with room selection and their roommate group. In some cases, LLCs do permit roommate requests but this is specific to each individual LLC program. We always encourage our students to communicate with their respective roommates regarding their intent so that the roommate group can have a backup plan if the student is removed from the group due to admission to an LLC.

    • In your roommate group, the person with the earliest timeslot can select rooms for everyone in the group. 
    • Students will need to select rooms within the same unit. Rooms must have enough free spaces to accommodate your group. For example: a group of four cannot select LV 101, room A (2 spaces) AND LV 102, room A (2 spaces) because they are in different apartments.
    • Do speak with your roommate group to determine who will be the one responsible for completing the Room Selection process at their assigned time.
    • Do speak with your roommate group about what your first, second, and third preferences would be so that you can be prepared if your first choices are not available.
    • Do make a plan for how you will communicate as a group if you need to make changes at the last minute.
    • Do not log into the Student Housing Portal until it is your time to make a selection. Too many students logging in at the same time may cause system issues for those who are trying to make their selection.

How does Room Selection work?

Room Selection begins after the application closes. Room Selection allows students to select the building and the specific room that they and their roommate group will live in. Please review the following for some brief highlights:

- Timeslots will be released on March 10th. Timeslots let students know when they can log back into their Housing portal to begin selecting their room. Students can not select their room before their timeslot.

- LMU Blue classification can select rooms beginning at their timeslot between March 15-18

- LMU Crimson classification can select rooms beginning at their timeslot between March 22-25

Students who do not receive a timeslot will receive a notification that they have been placed on the waitlist. Housing works to process cancellations every day even into August to assign as many students as possible from the waitlist as spaces become available. 

More information about how to select your room is available in the timeslot selection e-mail sent to each student who received a timeslot.