Housing Application Process

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LMU is excited to continue campus housing for the 2021-2022 academic year as permitted by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and University guidelines. 

The Housing Application Process provides all current and first-year LMU students with the opportunity to sign up for on-campus housing for their first year, sophomore, junior, or senior year. The Spring 2022 Housing application is open from October 28th - November 18th, 2021.   

Housing Application Process Summary: Students must form their roommate groups with students of the same status, prioritize their roommate group order, select their building preferences, electronically acknowledge the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, and pay the Housing Deposit before the deadline in order to successfully complete their Housing application. 


  • Housing Application Opens - Oct. 28th
  • Housing application closes: Nov. 18th at 5pm 
  • Assignment confirmation: Early December


Spring 2022 Housing Application Process:

Visit the sections below to review details and learn more about the Spring Housing application process:

Step 1: Online Application

  • Online Application
  • Electronic License Agreement
  • Non-Refundable Housing Deposit

Step 2: Roommate Group(s)

  • Create a Roommate Group
  • Choose a Group Leader
  • Prioritize your roommate group
  • Finding a roommate

Step 3: Building Preferences

  • Choose your Building Preferences
  • Room Assignments
  • Living Options
  • Singles and Other Special Rooms
  • Living Learning Community & Theme Housing
  • Waitlist

Step 4: Additional Details

  • Disability Support Accommodations
  • Study Abroad
  • All Gender Housing
  • Winter Housing

Additional Resources:


2021-2022 Housing Application FAQs:

  • Please visit the Housing Portal to access the 2021-2022 Housing Application. MyLMU > “Campus Life” > “Student Online Housing Services” > Housing portal > On-campus application.


  • The Housing Application will be open to all undergraduate students beginning March 16th, 2021.


    No. The application is NOT "first-come, first-serve" OR assigned based on completion date. This academic year assignments will be prioritized according to University criteria (if applicable) and the priority deadline of May 14th.


  • What is new about the Housing Process this year?

    • Housing has made several adjustments to the process to ensure flexibility for any Los Angeles County Public Health Department restrictions or University guidelines for the Fall 2021 semester. A summary of some changes:
      • Students will be able to apply for Living Learning Communities directly in the Housing application.
      • All students continuing and First Year are subject to the same application timeline.
      • Students will need to form roommate groups with students of the same classification status: First Year, Sophomore or JR/SR.
      • Students will need to prioritize their roommate group (group of 4 or larger only) in the event the group is separated due to lack of availability.
      • Students will select building preferences rather than specific rooms
      • Students will need to indicate specific interest in a special room (i.e. Single, 5-person apartment, private suite, etc).

    At this time, the University has announced that incoming First Year students and "rising sophomores" (2020-2021 incoming First Year students) will receive priority if occupancy is restricted. The University will be working with Los Angeles County Public Health to determine what occupancy restrictions will be decided for the upcoming Fall 2021 semester and we expect more information to become available as the summer months approach. The University encourages all students to apply as the Student Housing Office is planning to assign as many students as possible both on and off campus as permitted by local public health authorities.


  • Sophomore students will only be able to form roommate groups with other students who share the same classification Classifications are limited to First Year, Sophomore or JR/SR. Sophomore and First Year students will not be assigned together.

  • All roommate groups are subject to Los Angeles County Public Health Department occupancy restrictions. In the Housing application, First Year students can form roommate groups of "one" or "two." Continuing students can choose "one," "two" or "four." A roommate group of "one" does not indicate a preference for a single, rather it allows you to receive an unknown roommate.


    Students who would like to live in a single must select this option in the “Special rooms” section on the Housing application as well as list their building preferences as availability will be limited. If a student has a DSS accommodation, please follow the above directions as well.


  • Students who would like to live in a 5-person apt., 6-person apt. or other special room must select this option in the “Special rooms” section on the Housing application as well as list their building preferences as availability will be limited. If a student has a roommate group of 5 or more, the group leader will need to contact housing and copy all roommates with a request to form a group. See our Roommate Group webpage for more details.

  • Housing recognizes the experience of students in Doheny hall during the construction months. At this time, the University and Housing are awaiting guidelines and occupancy decisions from Los Angeles County Public Health for Fall 2021. We will continue to keep students updated regarding Fall 2021 options.  

  • Both Palm North and Palm South are scheduled to be open to students for the Fall 2021 semester. 


    The University is currently reviewing what is in the best interest for community safety and will communicate when a decision has been made.


  • Assignment decisions and notification will be subject to Los Angeles County Public Health guidelines for the Fall 2021 semester. Housing anticipates that information becoming available sometime in the summer. Housing will communicate to students about updates and timelines when the information becomes available. 

  • Your Spring '21 housing deposit has been released back into your student account. Please contact Student Accounts if you have questions about the deposit.

  • May 14th is the last day to make application edits, including roommate adjustments. Students will have a chance to submit applications beginning in early June and those will be processed on a rolling basis.