Living Options for Current Students

lmu housing current students living options


Our suite-style residence halls are home to predominantly second year students. In a suite, two students share a room which is connected by a bathroom to another two-student room; the four suitemates share a bathroom. The other community spaces included in the building are study rooms, lounges and a laundry facility.


Our apartments are home to mainly upper-division students. The apartments are fully furnished, complete with full kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Most of our apartments are two-bedroom, one-bath units designed to accommodate five students (two students in one bedroom and three students in the other).  Tenderich is limited to four students per apartment.


Our two university student houses are home to students accepted into the Service and Action House and the International House.

LMU Off Campus - Graduate Housing

LMU at Playa del Oro

For information about LMU @ Playa del Oro Graduate Housing, visit our Graduate Housing page.