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Bed Configurations

One of the ways the Student Housing Office tries to make the student's living experience more comfortable is by giving them a choice. Students can choose from four different bed configurations to personalize their room. If there is a problem with your bed set-up, or you would like to change your configuration, please login to MyLMU and go to the Student Housing Online Services Portal to submit your request.


This is the preferred choice of students living on campus. The bottom of your mattress is approximately 35 inches from the floor so the bookshelf, chest of drawers and other items will neatly fit under the bed. This set up allows for more space in the room to accommodate personal items such as a refrigerator.‌


This is a typical bunk bed configuration where one bed is directly below the other. In order for this request to be granted, both roommates must select this option. If you select to bunk your bed, bed rails are available for you to request, through our Student Housing Online Services portal via MyLMU. The bed rail will be attached to the top bunk only.


The bottom of the mattress is approximately 18 inches from the floor. Please note that this configuration severely limits the available floor space for both you and your roommate and allows for only small items to be stored under the bed. Items may include a suitcase, shoe boxes, etc.