Housing Cancellation

License Agreement Release Process (Canceling Housing)

The Student Housing Office is committed to providing an on campus living experience that enhances and contributes to a student’s academic success. When applying for on campus housing, every student electronically acknowledges the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, which is a legally binding document effective for the entire academic year. If a student wishes to cancel his/her housing assignment or request any type of exception to the terms outlined in the license agreement, then they must complete the "Housing License Agreement Release Request" form found in the "Services" tab of Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU.

The Housing License Agreement Release Request Form is only a request for release; you are not released from your License Agreement until you receive written notification from the Student Housing Office.

Note: If released, the student will be charged for housing until the date they actually check out, or the date the request is approved, whichever is the latter. All students released from the license agreement regardless of the reason, must move out of their space and follow all move-out procedures and steps.

You should not enter into any additional off campus lease agreements until you have been notified of your release.

Request for Release

Requests for release from the License Agreement fall into two categories. Students who are requesting a release from the License Agreement can choose from one of the below reasons and will need to contact any additional departments if necessary.

Information Required for Release: If the request for release is related to one of the following, the appropriate documentation is required at the time the request is submitted. Request cannot be considered until all the necessary facts are collected.

  • Withdrawal/Transferring: A student withdrawing from LMU or transferring to another university or college must complete all required paperwork with the Office of the Registrar.
  • Studying Abroad: A student who is studying abroad the following semester must submit a request to be released from the license agreement during the period which they will be abroad. You must be accepted to a program with the Study Abroad Office. The amount of the non-refundable housing deposit will be credited to your student account if you paid the Housing Deposit. Once your participation in a study abroad program and housing cancellation has been confirmed, contact Student Accounts for your refund. 
  • Graduating: A student graduating from LMU who is completing only one semester of study and returning home must submit this petition to be released from the license agreement during the period in which they will have graduated.
  • Internship/Military: A student who must fulfill a student internship or military requirement which necessitates residency away from campus or commuting at least 50 miles from campus must comply with the License Agreement during the times the student is on campus. The proper documentation must be submitted to our office for verification.
  • Marriage: A copy of the marriage certificate must be presented. Conditional release may be granted if the wedding is not to take place until after the petition deadline. In this case, the release will become official upon the receipt of a copy of the marriage certificate.

Additional Requests for Release

Additional requests for release are below and will be reviewed by the License Agreement Release Board:

  • Medical/Psychological: A signed and dated statement from the student’s treating practitioner or personal physician should indicate specifically why it is no longer possible for the student to live on campus. A review and recommendation will be made based on the documentation submitted and whether a reasonable accommodation would include a release from the License Agreement. Submission of the requested information is necessary to initiate the medical review process but does not guarantee release from the License Agreement.
  • FinancialThe student’s financial situation has changed drastically and beyond their family’s control, since entering into the License Agreement and that it is clearly not feasible for the student to continue in residence. The student will be asked to supply letters and supporting documents from parents’ employers, bank statements, loan information, and any other financial documentation to support the request for release. Please provide the student’s University financial aid award letter (available on-line) to provide a balanced perception of their financial status.
  • Other reasons: Submit documentation for review.

Note: If your request for release is due to medical/psychological or financial reasons, appropriate documentation is required at the time your request is submitted. In addition, you will be required to meet with the License Agreement Release Board to present your case. Once your request is submitted, you will receive an email notifying you of when you will meet with the License Agreement Release Board.

If your reason to request to be released from the License Agreement is not stated above, please contact the Student Housing Office at housing@lmu.edu.

License Agreement Release Board

The License Agreement Release Board is comprised of students and staff who will review your request. Each request is reviewed on an individual basis. Unique circumstances may exist and the documentation provided by the student should support the student’s claim. All requests are reviewed by License Agreement Release Board and a written response is usually sent to the student within seven to ten business days. During the academic year, students are given the option to meet with the License Agreement Release Board.

The Student Housing Office will keep any of the information provided and any supporting documents you submit, in confidence. You will be forwarded a decision letter within two business days. All decision made by the board are final.

Things To Consider Before Submitting Request

If you do not meet one of the approved reasons for cancelling your housing assignment and you plan to submit a request to be released from your License Agreement, consider these items first.

  • Speak with your Resident Advisor and/or Resident Director about your concern(s) and discuss solutions that can be found within the Student Housing system. The Release Board will often recommend a relocation of housing assignment before a release from the License Agreement.
  • Meet with representatives from other on campus departments that may be able to find a solution to your concern. For example, if you have a medical condition that is best treated with a specific style of building/room, you should speak with the Disability Support Services Office. In some instances, the Release Board will often recommend that you seek accommodations from another department that will make your on campus housing assignment comfortable again.
  • Schedule a meeting to meet and discuss your case with a member of the Release Board. This is an opportunity for you to share your concern and see if your case is ready for the Release Board. This may save you time and energy by finding a solution on campus.
  • The Release Board does not recommend removing your belongings from your assignment or signing a lease with an off campus unit until you have been approved for a release from the License Agreement by the Release Board. You may not be granted a release from the License Agreement, in which case you may then find you are simultaneously bound to the on campus License Agreement and the off campus lease.
  • The University has established a refund schedule that offers percentage amounts refunded if you are released from the License Agreement. The date of release directly correlates to when your case is approved and when you complete all paperwork with the Student Housing Office. If you present a case that you have not adequately prepared for, meaning you have not considered the suggestions above, you may not be released from the License Agreement or you may be released at a much later date than you anticipated, thereby receiving a smaller refund amount.
  • If you have a vehicle on-campus, you will need to continue to park in your designated sector based on your housing assignment. If the Release Board approves your appeal and allows you to cancel your housing assignment, only then will you receive further information and instructions about parking your vehicle in other sectors. If you park your vehicle in other parking sectors before a decision is made regarding your case, you may be subject parking tickets.

2020-2021 Academic Year Cancellation Refund Schedule

Fall 2020 Refund Dates Percent Refund Spring 2021 Refund Dates Percent Refund
Through Sept 04, 2020 100% Through Jan 15, 2021 100%
Through Sept 11, 2020 90% Through Jan 22, 2021 90%
Through Sept 18, 2020 70% Through Jan 29, 2021 70%
Through Sept 25, 2020 50% Through Feb 5, 2021 50%
Through Oct. 23, 2020 25% Through Mar 5, 2021 25%
On/after Oct 24, 2020 0% On/after March 6, 2021 0%