Understanding Housing Selection

 Before You Start

  • Make sure you are ready to form your roommate group and that your roommates have at least started their applications. More information regarding roommate groups can be found on the roommate group page.  
  • Collect your health insurance information and have it available 
  • Collect your Renter's Insurance information and have it available 
  • Review Meal Plan options offered 

Application Materials

All students participating in the Housing Application Process need to complete the following before the application deadline: 

  • Sign the Housing License Agreement: The License Agreement is a legally binding document that covers the terms and conditions of living in Student Housing at LMU. It is a binding agreement for the entire academic year. You will need to read through the document found in the online application and electronically sign that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions.  We encourage you to save a copy of the License Agreement for future reference. 
  • Non-Refundable Housing Deposit: The non-refundable $400 Housing Deposit is required in order for your application to be considered complete. This non-refundable Housing Deposit is applied to your fall housing charges. If a student cancels after they have been assigned, they will forfeit the full Housing Deposit. For more information about canceling a housing assignment, please see our "Canceling Housing" webpage. 
  • You can log in to your Student Housing portal to check the status of your application.

Incomplete applications will be removed from any roommate groups if the deadline passes and will not receive housing through the Housing Selection Process. 


Each student is assigned an LMU classification (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson). This classification determines two things: 

  • Which students can be added to your Roommate Group 
  • Which rooms/buildings you can select from at your Selection Timeslot 

Generally, Rising Sophomores are classified as LMU Blue and Rising Juniors and Seniors are classified as LMU Crimson. These classifications do not share the same spaces to choose from so the timing of choosing your rooms does not conflict with the other classification. 

Roommate Groups

All students going through the Housing Selection Process will have the option to select their roommate(s) by being part of a roommate group. Share your Roommate Pairing Number with the designated group leader since they will need to enter these numbers into the housing application to create the group. More information can be found on the Select Your Roommate(s) page.


If you have completed all the Housing application materials by the deadline, your timeslot will be available by Thursday, March 14th, 2024 by returning to your housing application. The timeslot will indicate the earliest time you can select your room online. Students will either receive an appointment time or be placed on the waitlist. Your appointment time or waitlist status will always be available on your housing portal. 

How Do Timeslots Work?

Timeslots are generated randomly and distributed to students according to their classification (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson). 

Your roommate groups have a greater chance of receiving an early timeslot if you are in a larger group. Example: In a group of four, there are four chances of getting an early timeslot; in a group of two, there are two chances of getting an early timeslot; in a group of one, there is only one chance of getting an early timeslot.  

Living Learning Community or Theme Housing Option 

Consider applying to be a member of a Living Learning Community or a Theme Housing Option for the chance to pursue your education in a living and learning curricular and extracurricular environment suited to your passions. These programs require that you submit a separate application during your housing application process. Since you can only have one room assignment, you become ineligible to participate in the Room Selection Process once you are accepted and commit to a theme housing option or LLC. Spring applicants should contact LLC programs directly for information on availability for their program.  


Some students may not receive a timeslot. These students will be automatically placed on a waitlist in a random order and will be notified of their waitlist number - these students will be assigned to on-campus housing as soon as a space becomes available. If these students decide that they no longer want on-campus housing, they must fill out the "Housing License Agreement Release Request Form" found in Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. 

The waitlist is maintained throughout the summer. Students are assigned to housing from the waitlist as space becomes available. If students are placed on the waitlist, they may be assigned separately from their original group. In order to cancel from the waitlist, students will need to complete the "Housing License Agreement Release Request Form" found in the Student Housing Portal via MyLMU.