Select Your Room

Receiving Your Timeslot

If you completed the housing application by the deadline, your room selection timeslot will be available by Thursday, March 14th, 2024 by returning to your housing application in the Student Housing Portal via MyLMU. This timeslot indicates the earliest time you can select your room online. All rooms available to your classification (LMU Blue or LMU Crimson) will be available at the beginning of Selection. 

Your timeslot indicates the earliest time that you will be able to log back into the application to view floor plans of available buildings and select from available rooms. Each member of your roommate group will receive a different timeslot. You are able to select a room at the beginning of your timeslot and up until the end of Room Selection for your classification. See below: 

Room Selection Dates:

LMU Blue (Rising Sophomores): March 19-22

LMU Crimson (Rising Juniors/Seniors): April 2-5

The process is conducted through the Housing application in the Student Housing Portal. Group members can proceed with Room Selection whenever it is most convenient after their timeslot, but the availability of rooms may decrease as other students make selections. Should you require assistance, you can contact the housing office at, 310-338-2963, or use the chat function in the Student Housing Portal.

Note:DO NOT miss class to choose your room; you can still make the selection after your timeslot begins.  

We highly encourage group members to either make the room choice together or discuss their plans beforehand. Once a selection is made it cannot be changed until after the process ends. After the process ends, changes can only be made depending on space availability. Change requests will be permitted beginning in June  but cannot be guaranteed. You will need to fill out the "Change of Assignment Request Form" found in the Student Housing Portal via MyLMU and the Assignments Team will work to facilitate changes over the summer as availability occurs. 

Students who do not receive a timeslot will receive a waitlist notification with more details.  

Please see the timeslot e-mail and FAQs for some more details on the room selection process. 

Selecting Your Building And Room

1. In the housing application, the Room Selection pages will allow group members to select a room for themselves and their roommates on/after their timeslot. 

2. Group members will be able to see all buildings available to choose from based on their classification (LMU Blue / LMU Crimson). 

3. After selecting a building, group members will select the room, and assign themselves and their roommates to the specific spaces in the rooms. Group members must assign everyone in their group before they can continue. 

4. Once the "Assign Beds" button is clicked, a housing assignment will be finalized for the next academic year and no changes can be made. 

Troubleshooting tips:

  • The group member will have approximately 4 minutes to decide whether or not to assign their group to the selected room(s) within a unit. When 4 minutes lapse, the page will refresh and the group member must start over. 
  • The group member will need to select enough rooms to accommodate the number of students in the group. 
    • Example: If a group member from a group of 4 was choosing an apartment, the group member would need to select room A and room B from the same apartment in order to proceed to the next page where they can select which individuals will live in which rooms. 
  • You should only choose rooms within the same apartment/suite; you cannot assign your group members to rooms in different units. 
  • Once rooms are chosen, the group member will assign themselves and their roommates to specific spaces within the room(s). Each student must be assigned to a specific space. 
    • A few special rooms exist that differ from our standard double-occupancy rooms. If available during your timeslot, the group leader can select these rooms. For more information about these rooms, please see "Singles and Other Special Rooms" section below. 

The Student Housing Office will be actively reviewing the Room Selection portion of the Housing Selection Process. Not following the provided instructions could result in the loss of the desired housing assignment. 

Living Options

Buildings for LMU Blue (Typically Rising Sophomores)
Hannon Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
Tenderich Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
McCarthy Hall  Suites, private doubles and designed singles
McKay Hall Suites and traditional doubles with shared bathroom
Rains Hall Suites, private doubles, designed singles and three-bedroom suites with shared bathroom
Palm South Apartments Limited Pod-style doubles & singles
Leavey 4 Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
Leavey 6 Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments

A very limited amount of single rooms in Del Rey North and Del Rey South may be available.

Buildings for LMU Crimson (Typically Rising Juniors and Seniors)
Leavey 4 Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
Leavey 5 Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
O'Malley Apartments Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments
Palm South Apartments 5-person apartments & some pod-style doubles & singles

*Some single rooms in Rains and McCarthy will also be available.

NOTE: All building options are subject to change.

Singles and Special Rooms

Special rooms are designed differently and are more limited than the majority of rooms in a given building. Review the list below and notice that some of these options have different room rates.

    • Private room with the bathroom located down the hall. 
    • Available in Del Rey North, Del Rey South, and Palm North for an additional cost. 
    • Private room sharing a bathroom with another private room. 
    • Available in McCarthy and Rains for an additional cost. 
    • Private room with shared bathrooms and kitchen area. Pods are designed to hold 18-20 students.  
    • Available in Palm South for an additional cost. 
    • Private room, sharing a bathroom and kitchen with 4 other students in the apartment. 
    • Available in Palm South for an additional cost.  
    • Two students in a room with a private bathroom. 
    • Available in McCarthy and Rains for an additional cost. 
    • Two students in a slightly smaller room with a private bathroom. 
    • Available in Rains with no additional costs involved. 
    • Three students share a larger room with the bathroom located down the hall. 
    • Available in Del Rey North, Del Rey South, at no additional costs. 
    • 3-bedroom apartments and suites.
    • Available in Rains, O'Malley, and Palm South at the standard rate.
    • See Select Your Roommates for additional information.

Housing Rates

All Housing Rates include internet access, utilities, live-in staff support, 24-hour on-call maintenance and emergency response and more! Rates for all buildings are subject to change and are increased annually. Housing rates for the 2024-2025 Academic Year will be published in April.