Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the forms for Student Housing? 

Once you are accepted to the University, you must commit to the University by paying the tuition deposit to Student Accounts. The Student Housing Office will automatically send you an email with a link to instructions on how to apply for on-campus housing. All students wishing to live on campus must complete the online application, electronically sign the License Agreement, and pay a non-refundable $450 Housing Deposit to Student Accounts.

I am a new student; when will I receive my Fall assignment?

In general, first-year students will receive information about their building, room, and roommates as early as mid-July. Transfer students will also receive information about their building, room, and roommates as early as mid-July or when space becomes available throughout the summer.

What should I bring for my room? 

All residence halls and apartments are fully furnished. You will need to bring bed and bath linens along with any other personal items with which you may wish to decorate your room. Microwaves, hot plates, heating coils, and other cooking appliances are not permitted in the residence halls. Halogen lamps and air conditioning and/or heating units are also not permitted in University housing.

How do I request a roommate? 

You may request a roommate when you fill out your online application. You will need to input the Roommate Pairing Number of the person you are requesting into your online application (Pairing Numbers are available it housing portal), and your selected roommate must do the same for you ( roommates will not be matched together without this information ). You can also search for fellow students based on profile answers, exchange pairing numbers and request to live together during the upcoming academic year. Please be aware that roommate requests are not always guaranteed and are dependent on the completion of application materials and available spaces.

What if I want to change rooms? 

Room changes are permitted beginning the third week of each semester. If you are interested in changing rooms, you will need to meet with your Resident Director to discuss your reasons for requesting the change. If the RD approves your request, you schedule an appointment with the Assignment Coordinator in the Student Housing Office complete the necessary paperwork and receive instructions regarding how to move. There is no charge for a properly completed room change.

Is there an Internet connection in my room? 

Each on campus room has a high-speed network connection and access to the campus wireless network. You will be prompted to register your computer when you first connect to the internet. LMU also requires that you have installed approved anti-virus software and all operating system updates. For more information, you may contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at (310) 338-7777.

Can I bring a refrigerator? 

You may bring a refrigerator no larger than 4.5 cubic feet. The University also works with a local vendor to provide students the opportunity to lease refrigerators. Information from the vendor will be sent to you during the summer. If you are living in an apartment, refrigerators are provided.

What furniture is in my room? 

All residence halls and apartments are fully furnished. Each room in a residence hall contains modular furniture consisting of two extra long twin beds (38" X 80"), two desks, two chairs, two chest of drawers, two bookshelves, free standing towel racks, and drapes or blinds. Each apartment has the items listed above in each bedroom, along with a sofa, armchair, coffee table, end table, and table lap in the living room and a four-person dining table adjacent to the kitchen.

Item Width             


Desk 42" 24" 30"
Dresser (3 Drawers) 30" 24" 30"
Wardrobe in Rosecrans, Desmond, and Whelan 42" 24" 72"
Wardrobe in McKay A&B rooms, Rosecrans, Desmond, and Whelan SR Rooms 30" 20" 72"
Bookcase ( 2 Shelf ) 24" 12" 30"
Mattress 38" N/A 80"

Student Housing has a limited number of Extra-Extra Long Beds available for students who are 6’5 and taller. Please email the Student Housing Office to submit a request for this bed type.

What are the dimensions of my room? 

You can visit our Residence Halls & Apartments webpage for some pictures and basic dimensions of all student housing facilities.

Are there laundry facilities on campus? 

Laundry facilities are located in the residence halls and apartments. Since there are no coin-operated machines, students need to add money to their Flexi accounts and use their OneCard to purchase cycles on the washing machines and dryers. The laundry cost is affordable to students at $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry. There is an additional cost for additional time for drying. Laundry Alert, a web-based program, identifies the availability of laundry equipment without requiring students to go to the laundry room. The system can notify students by cellphone, text message or email when a machine is open or their laundry is complete.

What if I lock myself out of my room? 

If you only need to retrieve your OneCard from your room, you can go to your local Area Office during posted office hours to obtain a 1-hour lock out card. This card will only give you access to your building and room for one hour. The locations and hours of the Area Office can be found on the Locations and Hours webpage. If your Area Office is closed, go to the Student Housing Office or Campus Business Services to obtain a temp card. After normal business hours, you must contact Public Safety at (310) 338-2893 to obtain a temp card.

If you have lost your OneCard, go to Campus Business Services to purchase a new OneCard. After normal business hours, you must contact Public Safety at (310) 338-2893.

Is there cable in my room? 

LMU does not provide cable in resident's rooms. 

Are there telephone services in my room? 

Students can request landlines to be set up in their rooms. If you are interested in having a landline in your room, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at (310) 338-7777. You will need to contact Campus Business Services to set up a PBN (Personal Billing Number). Be sure to bring a telephone to use this service as they are not provided.

Is parking available on campus? 

LMU is a relatively small campus. If you choose to bring your car, parking is available at various locations depending on your room assignment. All students must register their vehicles with the Parking Office when they arrive. Please visit LMU Parking for complete information.

How is security on campus? 

The university has its own Department of Public Safety. Officers monitor the campus for signs of unusual or criminal activity by making around-the-clock patrols. Additionally, Resident Advisors are on duty in every building each night from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM when classes are in session. They are trained to be attentive and responsive and to contact Public Safety when needed. All buildings and rooms are secured with locks, which are accessed only by a student's OneCard.

What items are not allowed in student rooms?

Residence halls are not designed for cooking, so residents may only use hot pots, coffee pots, and hot air popcorn poppers. Cooking equipment, such as microwaves, blenders, air fryers, rice cookers, steamers, electric frying pans, electric grills, electric/portable stoves, toasters and toaster ovens are not allowed in the residence halls. Cooking should be reserved for the apartments.

Other prohibited items are as follows:

  • Posters or decorations that promote alcohol or drugs
  • Dartboards
  • Lit candles, incense, halogen lamps, combustible chemicals, and "octopus" electrical adapters (students should use surge protectors)
  • Waterbeds
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Animals (other than animals approved by DSS and fish in a tank of 20 gallons or less)
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind

Click here for a complete list of Student Housing Policies or check your LMU Community Standards Handbook.

Does the college provide transportation for students at break times?

LMU's Lion Express shuttle takes students to LAX airport during break times. Learn more about Lion Express.

Can students stay in their rooms during breaks? 

Residence halls are closed during the winter break but remain open during other university holidays. This means that all students living in residence halls must leave for the winter break within twenty-four(24) hours of completing their last final exam or by 5:00 PM (whichever comes first) on the last day of the fall semester and will not be allowed to return until the weekend before the start of the spring semester. If your student needs to stay beyond the 5:00 PM deadline, arrangements need to be made with the Resident Director of his/her building. All apartments remain open during all university holidays.