Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows play an important role in creating an academic presence in the halls. This is achieved through their committed four hours a week in their assigned community by interacting with residents during their planned programs and office hours. Unlike Faculty in Residence, Faculty Fellows & Scholars in Residence do not reside in on-campus housing.

Headshot of Sue Sciebler

Susan Scheibler, Ph.D, Faculty Fellow
Rains Hall

Email: sscheibl@lmu.edu
Assistant professor, School of Film and Television

Sue Scheibler has graduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Philosophy of Religion and a PhD in Critical Studies from the University of Southern California. She has published in The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender; Theorizing Documentary; The Alternative Media Handbook; War: Interdisciplinary Investigations, Signs, and assorted journals.  Her research and teaching interests include film theory, television studies, documentary, Asian film, science fiction film and television, Japanese anime, video games, Asian philosophy, technologies of war, memory, the sublime, and time. Sue is an associate professor in Film, TV and Media Studies in the School of Film and Television at LMU. She is currently working on a variety of projects: The Meditative Gaze: Asian Philosophy and Media; Animating the Dao; and Skyrim in the Trump age.