Waitlist Information

Housing Selection Application Process: Waitlisted Students 

Continuing students interested in housing at LMU are encouraged to apply during the continuing student housing application period. Any continuing student who applies but does not secure housing during selection (or is not eligible to participate in selection) will be on a waitlist for housing. Additionally, any late applications will immediately be placed on the waitlist. 

After selection, a small number of housing spaces may become available as cancellations occur, though we cannot predict when or how many. When a space becomes available it will immediately be reassigned to a student from the waitlist. While housing staff work throughout spring and summer to accommodate as many students as possible, all students on the waitlist are strongly encouraged to also pursue off-campus housing. 

Student housing recommends you stay on the waitlist for as long as you are comfortable doing so. If you successfully find off-campus housing before being assigned a space on campus, immediately cancel your waitlist application to avoid being charged.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • We will begin assigning spaces to students on the waitlist as they become available. We ask for your patience and flexibility. 

  • Because we are committed to offering students housing assignments that align with their preferences, this question is hard to answer. The waitlist is NOT a numbered list and does not work as such. The length of the waitlist correlates to the number of students wanting housing on campus. Students are assigned off this list based on what spaces are available and how well matched that space is to preferences indicated by the student, including consideration of compatibility with other roommates/housemates. 

  • If your Roommate Group has been placed on the waitlist you will remain on the waitlist as a group until May 1st in the event spaces become available to assign you together. After May 1st, you will continue to remain on the waitlist but may be separated from your group in order to assign you to an available space. 

  • When spaces become available, you will be notified via your LION email that you have received an assignment. You will have 72 hours to accept the assignment (via email). Failure to accept the assignment by the deadline will result in forfeiture of the housing assignment offer and we will cancel your LMU Housing Application. It is critical that you continue to check your LION email throughout the summer.

  • Students with DSS accommodations for a specific type of housing will be one of the first groups of students to be assigned off the waitlist. 

    Housing accommodations for a specific type of housing may include things like housing without steps or stairs; additional space for mobility devices; ADA accessible furniture; visual alarms, etc. Accommodations for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) are not in this category. 

  • Best efforts are made to assign students to the housing options they request. However, there is a finite number of each room type. If a room type you did not request becomes available, the Housing Office may offer you that spot. You will have 72 hours to accept. This deadline is strictly enforced.  

    Please check your Lion email regularly for housing offers. 

  • As long as your application is on the waitlist it represents your interest in being assigned housing. If you haven't heard from us, it means you are still on the waitlist and that you currently don't have housing.  

    • We will actively process cancellations and assign students from the waitlist into August. (Typically, we receive cancellations on a rolling basis between now and late July) 
    • We verify all students currently assigned will be enrolled during the Academic Year. 
    • You will receive regular updates from our office regarding your waitlist status so we encourage you to check your Lion Mail regularly throughout the summer. 
  • If you successfully find off-campus housing before being assigned a space on campus, immediately cancel your waitlist application to avoid being charged for housing. 

    • If you decide that you cannot remain on the waitlist, you must cancel your housing application. 
    • If you wish to cancel your housing application, you must complete the “Housing License Agreement Release Request” form. To access the form, please log in to MyLMU and select “Student Housing Portal” from the “Campus Life” menu. 
    • Students will not be removed from the waitlist until this form has been reviewed and processed. An email will be sent to your LION mail once your cancellation request has been processed.  
  • The housing deposit can be credited to your LMU Student Account only if you cancel from the waitlist before receiving on-campus housing. Once you have been assigned to an on-campus space, the housing deposit cannot be refunded for any reason. 

  • It is your responsibility to immediately cancel your application if your plans change and you are no longer interested in student housing. There is no fee for canceling an application prior to a space being assigned; cancellation fees will apply in all cases of a student canceling a confirmed housing space. 

  • If you have questions that are not addressed on the list, please reach out to the Student Housing for further assistance. You can email us at housing@lmu.edu or call us at 310-338-2963.

  • If you decline the assignment you receive, we will cancel your housing application.  We encourage students to accept the housing assignment, as you will have the opportunity to request a change of assignment.

  • Failure to occupy your assigned room within forty-eight (48) hours after your move-in date will result in a $1000 charge and we will cancel your housing license agreement. For more information please see paragraph eight (8) on the student housing license agreement.