Photo of the RHA Leadership team.

RHA members are expected to represent the entire residential population at LMU. They are presented with leadership opportunities that allow them to develop their full potential and collaborate with other student leaders on campus.

RHA is the second largest organization on campus, making it a great opportunity to meet people and build a stronger network at LMU. Many members of RHA go on to hold other leadership positions on campus such as RHA Executive Board Members, Resident Advisors, Housing Programming Assistants, officers of ASLMU, and members of Greek Life and Service Organizations.

Meet the RHA Executive Board

The RHA Executive Board consists of a group of elected students that oversees the greater organization.

  • President: Grant Cokley
  • Vice President: Ileana D. Martinez
  • Director of Internal Affairs: Chris Rudolph
  • Director of Activities: A’kaia Phelps
  • Director of Marketing: Vex Claudio
  • Director of Service and Justice: Abydale Sotelo 

RHA Advisors

General Assembly

The RHA General Assembly is composed of all members of an LMU Hall Government organization and the RHA Executive Board. General Assembly Meetings are held once a month. General Assembly Meetings consist of a main gathering, followed by various positional breakout sessions. Please visit the LMU RHA LEO page for specific meeting dates, times, and locations.

Inter-Hall Governments

The Inter-Hall Government (IHG) shall be composed of the RHA Executive Board and the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of each elected Hall Government organization. Headed by the Vice President, this group serves as the Voting Membership of the organization. IHG Meetings are held twice per month. Any member of a Hall Government organization may attend IHG meetings, though voting membership is limited to designated members. Meeting minutes shall be published on the RHA LEO page.

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC), headed by the RHA Director of Internal Affairs, is composed of different university departments whose efforts contribute to the enhancement of the residential community. This group meets monthly in order to share updates, engage in discussion about residential matters and to bridge the gap between students and administration. If you would like something potentially addressed at this meeting, please contact your respective Hall Government’s Advocacy Chair. CAC generally meets on the 1st Friday of each Month. Please visit the LMU RHA LEO page for specific meeting dates.