Roommate Mediation

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We understand that being a roommate is an important relationship. Like all relationships, it takes some work, it takes some collaboration, and despite everyone’s best efforts, there will be conflict. We also affirm that from conflict come the benefits of change and growth, and we commit to accompanying students through that process. Residence Life staff are trained in conflict mediation and facilitation. Our staff are eager to work with students at the first signs of growing pains in a roommate relationship.  Staff meet with students to discuss expectations and desired boundaries, and then meet again to facilitate a roommate agreement. Through this, each resident will acknowledge the needs of their roommates and collaborate or compromise where needed.


Mediation and facilitation is a natural, healthy step in a roommate relationship, and we hope that students will take advantage of this to maintain healthy and assertive communication with their roommates. It is different than just “talking it out” together, and often yields much better results, even for residents who express disbelief that their differences can be reconciled. Mediation is helpful for students seeking to better define a functional partnership while preserving a friendship, and for students who don’t want to move but need to see some changes in the shared space.

Next steps for Mediation

  • Reach out to your Resident Advisor and/or your Resident Director to set up a meeting
  • Work with your roommate(s) to find a good time to meet
  • Update your Roommate Agreement (if needed)

All students are encouraged to contact the Department of Public Safety if they feel that they have been the victim of a crime or have been threatened in their room. These rare occurrences are unique and need to be addressed immediately and directly.