Services for Students

lmu student health services staff member checking student's ear canal with tool

The following is a list of the services offered at Student Health Services (SHS):

  • Treatment for acute illnesses, and injuries
  • Health maintenance and preventive services
  • Referral to specialists for chronic and/or ongoing health problems
  • Gynecological health services
  • Dermatological care
  • Vaccination clinic
  • Laboratory services
  • Health education and wellness programs

To schedule an appointment, call SHS at 310.338.2881 or use the MyHealth Portal, which can be accessed in the "Systems Logins" tab in your MyLMU Account.

Our Services

Watch this video to learn more about Student Health Services, our services and how you can keep yourself and the LMU community healthy.

Information About Our Services

  • The following vaccinations are recommended (but not required) and are available at the SHS. Please call for an appointment:

    • Hepatitis A and B
    • HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
    • Meningitis (Meningococcal)
    • MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella)
    • Seasonal Flu
    • Tdap (Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis) or Td (Tenants/Diphtheria)
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Loyola Marymount University , Student Health Services provides discreet sexual transmitted illness (STI) testing, upon request. Tests to be performed are determined after meeting with SHS medical staff.  STI testing is strictly confidential and the prices for all tests can be found under insurance and billing, prices.

  • Loyola Marymount University, Student Health Services does not provide excuse notes for missed classes, exams, or school work.

  • SHS does not perform pre-participation physicals for LMU athletes. SHS will perform physical exams required for volunteer work, study abroad programs, Los Angeles Unified School District, Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corp and other post-graduate service programs. If you have questions about a form that needs a signature of a healthcare provider, please call the office.

  • Support groups addressing a number of topics including chronic illness, addiction, meditation and more are available at Loyola Marymount University.