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O'Malley sits on the bluff of LMU's west campus, overlooking the city and Marina del Rey. The building is easily identified by its characteristic turret that can be quicky spotted when walking by. Across the four stories, students typically live two per bedroom in two-bedroom units, although some three-bedroom units are also available. Each apartment includes a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. O'Malley is named for Thomas P. O'Malley, former Loyola Marymount University president.

lmu housing o'malley bluff
Overlooking the bluff

Details for O'Malley Apartments

  • Building Type: Apartment, Co-ed by unit
  • Location: Near Leavey 4 Apartments and McCarthy Hall
  • Built: 2000
  • # of Student Beds: 160
  • Approximate Dimensions: Bedroom: 11’ x 13’; Living Room: 10.5’ x 12’; Kitchen: 9’ x 12’
  • Building Features: Laundry Room with Washers and Dryers, 2nd Floor Lounge, 4th Floor Outdoor Seating
  • Bathroom Features: Full-size shower/tub, sink(s), toilet
  • Kitchen Appliances: Refrigerator, Stove/Oven, Microwave
  • Elevator: Yes

Furniture Details

Furniture Per Student
1 - XL Twin Bed
1 - Closet
1 - Dresser
1 - Desk 
1 - Desk Chair
1 - Bookshelf
Furniture Per Apartment
1 - Sofa
1 - Sofa Chair
1 - Coffee Table
1 - Side Table
1 - Tall Lamp
1 - Table Lamp
1 - Linen Closet
1 - Round-Top Kitchen Table
4 - Kitchen Chairs

  • ROOMIE: Explore an O'Malley room using the link below. Furniture can be arranged, items can be measured and products can be purchased to prepare the perfect environment for your experience in Lion Nation!

    Please note: While these are default layouts and measured accurately, individuals rooms are subject to variation and measurements are approximate. 

    O'Malley Double