Located on the east side of campus, Palm South is a new, apartment-style, four-story complex for continuing students on the Loyola Marymount University campus. Palm South offers students double rooms and a single room in 5-person apartments. Additionally, Palm South includes a new style of living known as 'pods.' Pods are large apartments designed for 18-20 residents with doubles and singles. The pod includes a large kitchen area, a large common area, multiple private bathrooms and external sink options. In addition to the modern amenities and design, Palm South is encompassed by an open grass courtyard area and a short walk to the bluff overlooking the Los Angeles area.

Details for Palm South

  • Building Type: Apartment & pods, Co-Ed
  • # of Student Beds: 300
  • # of Units: 32 five-person apartments (2 double rooms and 1 single room); 32 pod single rooms; 98 pod double rooms.
  • Built: 2020
  • Features/Amenities: Elevator, A/C, some hard flooring units, Large lounge, PrintMe station, outdoor seating and hammock areas, meeting rooms, laundry, vending machines and more
  • Approximate Dimensions: TBD
  • Location: East campus (east quad). Adjacent to Doheny Hall and Malone Student Center

Furniture Details

Approximate measurements for 5-student apartment furniture. 

Furniture Per StudentWidthLengthHeight
1 Desk 43.25" 25.5" 53"
1 Chair 21" 23.25" 33"
1 XL Twin Bed 39" 80" 37"
2 stackable 2-drawer dressers 31" 24" 17"
1 Mobile Pedastal 18" 24" 30"
Per Apartment Width Length Height
1 Coffee Table 25" 42.75" 18.5"
1 Side Table 33" 33" 18.5"
1 Sofa 35.5" 83" 31"
1 Sofa Chair 41" 35" 35.5"
5 Kitchen Stools     24"


  • ROOMIE: Explore a Palm South room using the link below. Furniture can be arranged, items can be measured and products can be purchased to prepare the perfect environment for your experience in Lion Nation!

    Please note: While these are default layouts and measured accurately, individuals rooms are subject to variation and measurements are approximate. 

    Palm South Pod Double

    Palm South Pod Single 

    Palm South 5-Person Double

    Palm South 5-Person Single