Located on the east side of campus, Palm South is a new, apartment-style, four-story complex for continuing students on the Loyola Marymount University campus. Palm South offers students double rooms and a single room in 5-person apartments. Additionally, Palm South includes a new style of living known as 'pods.' Pods are large apartments designed for 18-20 residents with doubles and singles. The pod includes a large kitchen area, a large common area, multiple private bathrooms and external sink options. In addition to the modern amenities and design, Palm South is encompassed by an open grass courtyard area and a short walk to the bluff overlooking the Los Angeles area.

Details for Palm South

  • Building Type: Apartment & pods, Co-Ed
  • # of Student Beds: 300
  • # of Units: 32 five-person apartments (2 double rooms and 1 single room); 32 pod single rooms; 98 pod double rooms.
  • Built: 2020
  • Features/Amenities: Elevator, A/C, some hard flooring units, Large lounge, PrintMe station, outdoor seating and hammock areas, meeting rooms, laundry, vending machines and more
  • Approximate Dimensions: TBD
  • Location: East campus (east quad). Adjacent to Doheny Hall and Malone Student Center

Furniture Details

Approximate measurements for 5-student apartment furniture. Exact measurements TBD.

Furniture Per StudentWidthLengthHeight
1 Desk 43.25" 25.5" 53"
1 Chair 21" 23.25" 33"
1 Twin Bed 39" 80" 37"
1 Coffee Table 25" 42.75" 18.5"
1 Side Table 33" 33" 18.5"
1 Sofa 35.5" 83" 31"
1 Sofa Chair 41" 35" 35.5"
5 Kitchen Stools