Leadership, Empowerment, & Achievement in Doheny

Located in Doheny Hall, this theme program provides leadership skills and tools for Women. This option is available to incoming female first-year students. The Leadership, Empowerment & Achievement in Doheny (LEAD) community focuses on the leadership development and empowerment of women.

This community is designed to heighten leadership experiences found within LMU by creating a shared living environment committed to personal growth and development of female leaders. This is achieved through workshops, seminars, programs and service, the women of Doheny Hall will be empowered to explore and define themselves as strong, prepared, and confident leaders. This residential community allows for a unique opportunity for the women to help the staff create a learning/living environment that is tailored to their interests, needs, and areas for growth for the women of Doheny.

LEAD Workshop Topics

  • What is Leadership? How do you dream big and accomplish your goals as a leader?
  • What is women’s leadership? (Faculty Panel)
  • Mind, Body and Spirit of a Leader (Reps from Res Ministry, SPS and Campus Rec)
  • Ripple Effects of Leadership/Servant Leadership (Faculty member Jodi Finkel)
  • Impact of Gender- What are current trends and issues effecting women? (Family Feud Style: Female Dominated College Life, Media Images, Homelessness, Sexuality and Body Image—How do all these trends affect women’s leadership and expectations?)

Leadership Institute: Individual Values of Leadership

All of the women living in Doheny have the option of enrolling in the 489 Individual Values of Leadership Course within the Leadership Institute. This 1-unit class is taught in the Fall and Spring Semester. The purpose of this class is not only for the participants to learn about Leadership and the Social Change Model, but also to understand how gender impacts leadership.

Contact LEAD

Students must apply through their housing application by May 5th to be considered. Please contact Isabel Villalobos-Galeana, Resident Director of Doheny, at (310) 338-6889 for more information about the LEAD program.