Recreation & Outdoor Adventure in Rosecrans

The Recreation & Outdoor Adventure in Rosecrans (ROAR) community in Rosecrans Hall is ideal for first year students who enjoy exploring the great outdoors. The ROAR programs and activities offered are designed to take residents off campus and enjoy the many outdoor recreational activities unique to Southern California. Residents will make new friends and bond with others in their community while camping, hiking, skiing, kayaking or barbequing at the beach.

Past ROAR Programs

  • September - Marina Del Rey Kayak Trip
  • October - Joshua Tree National Camping Trip
  • December - Big Bear Mountain Ski and Snowboarding Trip
  • February - Paintball Outing
  • April - Beach Barbeque

Contact ROAR

Please contact the Resident Director of Rosecrans, at (310) 258-2649 or email for more information regarding the program.