Service & Action House

LMU students have a passion for service. Located in a house directly off-campus, these Residents of the Center for Service and Action House take that passion further by assuming leadership roles where their community service can make a powerful difference. The CSA House also emphasizes Jesuit Volunteer Corps values by emulating the four pillars of Spirituality, Social Justice, Community, and Simple Living. House members participate in two Spirituality nights a semester as well as monthly reflection nights regarding social justice issues. The weekly house meetings give house members time to reflect on their relationships as a community and to continue to grow together. Before both the fall and spring semesters, the house participates in orientations to continue the process of building community and becoming a community centered on social justice.

House members plan community service projects and participate in a variety of social justice and community events. Past projects include making dinner for the men at Guadalupe Homeless Project in Boyle Heights, working on the Day of the Child event, and planting trees with Tree People. Programs with the LMU community include the Just Desserts program in the beginning of the school year integrating the LMU community with the House.

How to Apply for the Service and Action House

To access the applications for the Service and Action House, please log in to MYLMU. Select "Campus Life" from the top right to access the "Student Housing Portal" option from the drop-down menu. Select On-Campus Housing application and apply through the 2024-2025 housing application. 


"Living in the house has helped me see that the intersections of community, simple living, social justice, and spirituality take on a different meaning and role for every individual." - Emily Simso

"Living in the CSA house has given me the chance to meet and live in community with others who are passionate about service and whom I did not know prior to my year in the house. Learning about my housemates service projects and interests has been wonderful." - Cora Whalen

"Its an honorable position to live in the CSA house, because not only do I get to experience communal living, but also I become involved in other people's lives, which is the most important part in my opinion." - Jonah Martin

"The most important takeaway from living in the house is the value of living selflessly. You get to understand that not only through learning to share and respect a physical space with six other people but also through the service that you do. This experience reinforces the importance of recognizing things, events, and issues beyond our own selves." - Allen Sison

"For me, living in the house has given me the opportunity to surround myself with other individuals that hold the same desire and passion to serve to others. It's an encouraging environment that always pushes you and helps you to stay mindful of how your actions can impact the world around you. - Harrison Husting

"The CSA house as provided a space to grow, learn, and experience service in a way that AB trips and De Colores trips cannot. It's not only a change in where you live but how you live. It puts the four pillars of simple living, social justice, community, and spirituality into practice." - Justine Dominguez

"The CSA House is an extension of who you are. It gives you the chance to express yourself through service, spirituality, simple living, and community with your house members. You get out of it what you put into it. An experience for all." - Nicolette Rosales

For More Information

Please contact at 310-338-2959 for more information regarding the program and application process.