Spring 2024 Move Out

Before You Leave

Please complete the following tasks to be considered completely moved out of your housing assignment. Failure to complete any of the following steps will result in a minimum $100 improper move-out fee for each step not completed.

  • Complete the Pre Check-Out Form - This mandatory form must be completed by April 12, 2024, and can be found in your Student Housing Portal.
  • Claim Damages - Place all work orders now. Damages must be claimed on the "Damage Responsibility" form in your Student Housing Portal under Additional Services. Any charges assessed for room damage discovered after check-out will be divided equally among all roommates.
  • Clean & Clear Your Space - Clean and vacuum your room and take out all trash. Additional trash bags and vacuums will be available at your Area Office. Arrange all furniture as you found it when you moved in to avoid fines.
  • Complete the Check-Out Confirmation Form - Prior to leaving, you must officially check-out of your housing assignment by completing the "Check-Out Confirmation" Form to confirm you have vacated your space. This form is mandatory and can be found in the Student Housing Portal.

All students must vacate and move out of their space 24 hours after their last final or Friday, May 3 before 5:00 pm (whichever comes first).

Microfridge Return

If you have rented a microfridge, you will be contacted with information by Collegiate Concepts. Collegiate Concepts will pick up microfridges on the following dates: April 29, 2024 and April 30, 2024

Designated return location instructions will be sent to your lion email. To avoid additional fees, fully defrost, clean, dry, and return microfridge with all parts.

Storage Options

LMU has partnered with We Come 2 U Storage and Dorm Room Movers. Please click the links for more information on how you can arrange for storage or shipping of your personal belongings.

Late Stay/Extension Requests

Students who have previously scheduled travel arrangements that leave after May 3 at 5 pm need to request a Late Stay/Extension through the "Student Housing Portal". Students must submit documentation to support the date they requested a Late Stay. You will be notified via email of the decision as well as the charges associated with their Late Stay if applicable. 

The deadline to request a Late Stay/Extension is April 19, 2024, please note the latest a student can request to stay is Sunday, May 5 at 5 pm.

Graduating seniors do not need to request a late stay as long as they have requested and been approved for graduation by the registrar; additional instructions will be sent during the first week of May.