lmu housing desmond hall

Desmond is situated on the north campus of LMU in Founder’s Pavilion alongside many other First-Year buildings. Within this community of first-years, students can find many food options including one of our on-campus convenience stores, The Grid. Across Desmond's three residential floors, students live in traditional rooms with a roommate, and there are two centrally located bathrooms on each floor. The building is named for university benefactors, Daniel and C.C. Desmond.

Details of Desmond

  • Building Type: Traditional Residence Hall, Co-ed by room
  • Location: Near Malone Student Center; next to Sunken Gardens
  • Built: 1958
  • # of Student Beds: 168
  • Approximate Dimensions: 12’ x 16’
  • Features: Separate Laundry Facility with Washers and Dryers, Water Bottle Filling Stations, Cloud-based Printer, 2 Floor Lounges, and a Large 4th Floor Lounge with Microwave
  • Elevator: No

Furniture Details

Furniture Per Student
1 - XL Twin Bed
1 - Standing Wardrobe
1 - Dresser
1 - Desk
1 - Desk Chair
1 - Bookshelf

  • ROOMIE: Explore a Desmond room using the link below. Furniture can be arranged, items can be measured and products can be purchased to prepare the perfect environment for your experience in Lion Nation! 

    Please note: While these are default layouts and measured accurately, individuals rooms are subject to variation and measurements are approximate. 

    Desmond Double