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The Ignatian Leadership Institute (ILI) at Loyola Marymount University is an initiative of the office of Student Leadership & Development that provides education, development and training to cultivate personal leadership in all students.

Chief among its programs is one composed of a series of three academic modules that focus on individual, group and community values, respectively. This program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and includes a curricular, co-curricular and capstone experience.

List of Fall 2020 Ignatian Leadership Institute Courses

ILI Experience

The Ignatian Leadership Institute consists of two steps. Completion of both steps will earn participants special recognition at the end of the academic year.

Step 1: Curricular Experience

Complete three of our one-unit courses offered fall or spring semester:

EDLA 489: Leadership Seminar I – Individual Values of Leadership

Who are you? What do you believe? Do you live according to your values? Are you committed to activities that further your beliefs?

EDLA 490: Leadership Seminar II – Group Values of Leadership

What is collaboration? How do you handle controversy? What is common purpose? How do you collaborate with others and establish a common purpose?

EDLA 491: Leadership Seminar III – Community Values of Leadership

What is citizenship? What is change? How do you create change in yourself, in your groups, and in your community?

Note: All courses are open to all students and are available for registration through PROWL.

Step 2: Capstone Experience

Participation in the Capstone experience takes place each Spring semester and encompasses a written paper and a presentation based on a real life leadership experience.

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