The LMU Food Pantry was established in 2017. The mission of the LMU Food Pantry is to provide free food to any LMU student who may experience hunger or food insecurity due to financial hardships. The LMU Food Pantry operates on the honor system and allows students to confidentially enter a space and take the food that they need.


The LMU Food Pantry is accessible to everyone on campus and is open 24/7 with onecard access. The pantry remains open and available to students during summer break. Please make sure your card number begins with the number 8. If your one card begins with a different number, please contact the one card office, a new one card will be issued.


The food pantry is located adjacent to St. Robert's Annex, signage is located outside for reference. For any assistance, please reach out to the Food Pantry team.  

Contact Us

General inquires, questions related to donations, food drives or feedback regarding the pantry can be directed to the Food Pantry team.